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  1. Can anyone id what service group these women belong to? Any and all help appreciated and thank you in advance for your assistance.
  2. Hi, The other thing you may want to consider is PVC pipe. I have constructed them out of 2" PVC using a 4-way connection at the shoulder areas for the arms/shoulders and running a piece straight up from there to hold a cap or helmet. The 2" seems to be the right diameter to give the uniform a natural look when hanging. You can always add pipe insulation on the arms to make it a bit chunkier if you like. Just another idea to consider.
  3. Yes, I purchased the jacket from this gentleman. It is nice to see the first thread on it.
  4. Here is a photo or the patch on the uniform.
  5. Hello All, I have recently purchased a WWI USMC Dress Blue uniform from the estate of a WWI Marine. The Marine was part of the 6th Regiment and served overseas in France during WWI. He was wounded during the occupation or Germany period. The jacket has a blue rectangular path with a white diamond inside sewn to the right sleeve. The patch is made of felt, the diamond is machine applied and the patch is also machine applied to the jacket. I have been told the the patch is a wound/disabled patch and is seen on WW2 uniforms. Would this patch have existed in WWI? Is it something else? Any and all information is greatly appreciated and I thank you for your responses in advance.
  6. Hello All, I recently purchased this jacket and wanted some opinions on it. I believe it to be a USMC M1926 Khaki Jacket but am not sure. Also, what type of EGAs would have been on the jacket? Thanks for any and all help and opinions.
  7. Hi Again, The Smith Carona bolt sleeve would have been marked with a "G". The extractor may also be marked with a "S" on the underside or side of the lug. Also, the cocking piece should have a punch mark. As for the stock, all Smith Caronas had "S" stock without the pistol grip. Is the cartouche with the J in it on the side of the stock above the trigger assembly? It is probably an inspector's stamp. Smith Carona was located in the Rochester Ordinance District and Lt Col Atwell was inspector so the "J" mark might well be FJA for Lt. Col. Atwell. The "SS" mark is a bit of a mystery. "SS" is an inspector S. Sangler who inspected 1903's at Springfield Armory in 1919, which doesn't fit with your rifle at all. However if the marking were "SSAA" or "IS" this would indicate a post War rebuild at the San Antonio Arsenal which might fit. I hope that this helps you out.
  8. Hi Duffy, On the Model 12 trench gun the perforated guard/bayonet lug is flush with the end of the barrel. On the Model 97 the perforated guard/bayonet lug is usual down the barrel a bit so this may be a 97. It is also possible that it is an Ithica Model 37 as the barrel on these also portruded past the handguard/bayonet adaptor and they were also used in Viet Nam. I have a nice example of one in my collection. Also WWII Stevens 520-30's and 620A's were pressed into service early in the conflict and they also have their barrels portruding past the handguard/bayonet adaptor. Unless you can clearly see the shape of the bayonet lug, as they are all a bit different shaped, it will be hard to tell which on it is from the four mentioned above.
  9. Hey Justin, It looks like you have some nice helmets and have done a great job displaying them. Where abouts in New York do you live?
  10. I guess the tag picture isn't so clear. It reads: JACKETS FIELD Lined Enlisted Men ETO Specification No. U/1180 Size 36R(Broad Aroow Symbol) Breast 36 inches Waist 31 inches The Rego Clothiers Lx 1943 I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy
  11. Hello, Might this be the jacket you are reffering to? It is definitely a very rare jacket and very hard to find. They are kind of patterned after the M41 jacket and the British Battledress jacket. All were made by British manufactures and the first allotment mwent to the 29th Division. The balance were give to AAF personnel. I guess that from the looks of things they were traded off to other units as well.
  12. Very Nice Helmet. Have you done any research on Lieutenant Rabe?
  13. WOW!!!! I am not sure which is more impressive the helmet or the research that went into writing the story about the helmet. That is just incredible!!! And the man lived in Cambridge, N.Y. not too far from where I live. I do have aquestion for you. Would any of these Navy medic helmets have had the yellow dot on the top of the helmet? I have a similar helmet which looks to have had a yellow dot on the top. I would be curious to know. Once again my compliments on a stunning helmet and for taking the time to do the research and make it a truly special item
  14. Teamski, What an awe inspiring group you have there. And very nicely displayed too. How luckey you are to have this unique chance to preserve someone's story!!!
  15. Thanks for the ID Gil!!! As usual you are a wealth of information!!! The cap is Philadelphia quartermaster marked with the name M Schlessinger underneath. Both are stamped in ink. I have actually managed to find the one piece blackened disc. I bought the cap on Ebay for cheap and it was identified as a WWII Massachusetts State cap. I guess it was my good luck.
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