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    US Coast Guard (anything), Luftwaffe uniforms and insignia, Warsaw Uprising of 1944, and Saddam era Iraq.

    About Me:

    Career military.

    USMC 1990-2- Machine gunner and anti-tank missileman.

    USCG 1992 Present- Independent Duty Corpsman/Medical Administration Officer. Advanced to HSCS (e8) to MED2 (cwo2) to LT (O3E- Medical Administration). OIF 2 and 3. Collateral Duty Military Historian with the CG Historian's Office.

    My goal is to serve 44 years AD then transition to a military historians GS position with the DoD or USCG.

    Masters Arts in Military History- Norwich University- May 2017

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  1. They are approved at the O6 Commanding Officer level.
  2. Beautiful. What is the year on the first one you shared? I cannot make it out.
  3. I did not know the PHS had an enlisted corps. I love learning new things. Thanks for sharing.
  4. We dont wear our medal bars much. The fact there are no stars whatsoever leads me to believe that it was hastily assembled for wear for an event without stars... maybe a retirement. I've seen it a million times. It costs a lot of money to mount medals professionally and most dont really do it.
  5. CG Vietnam stuff is super rare. Congrats.
  6. I was there with PATFORSWA in 2003 and 2004.
  7. Not frequently encountered items. Nice finds.
  8. Thanks Chris. That's 30 years worth so far. Another 14 planned, although I don't think there are many additional new medals that can be added. It's been a fun career. I absolutely love the work and ability to contribute to the bigger picture.
  9. Here is my updated bar. My previous post in this thread was nine years ago. A few changes since then. 30 years and running! I am very proud and honored. For my branch, the MSM is a Command Master Chief / O6 Commanding Officer level award.
  10. I love this combinaiton of awards. As a collective, not so common. I think it will be impossible to nail it down to a unit/individual though- right? There are no numbers on the minis?
  11. What a spectacular group. Did they have copies of the award citation? I bet his NARA record has some amazing things in it!
  12. I absolutely love this helmet. Outstanding find.
  13. I enjoy seeing this group! Worthy of another reply. Your grandfather is a hero! Paul
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