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    Philippine Department and Philippine Division SSI, uniforms, and ephemera.
  1. Pair of 92nd Coast Artillery (PS) officer's brass (PB, NSM) 91st Coast Artillery (PS) officer's brass (CB, NSM) 91st Coast Artillery (PS) DI, scarce black scroll/red shield variant (CB, NSM) 59th Coast Artillery officer's brass (CB, NSM) 59th Coast Artillery DI (SB, NH) Japanese-made Philippine Department patch w/snap fasteners 200th Coast Artillery officer's brass (CB, NSM, snowflake pattern) HQ Co., Philippine Division DI (SB, Zamora) Painted-on-plastic Philippine Division insignia (safety-pin back, NH) 57th Infantry Regiment (PS) officers collar brass (PB, Zamora) Shout out to Jim, Rick, and Bob for making this a great SoS day!
  2. Just wanted to bring this back to the top. These veteran's stories are worth remembering, especially since Col. Hidalgo and Lt. Dulay-Pactol both passed within the past year. This was my second Bataan Day / Araw ng Kagitingan commemoration I attended... And that was 5 years ago. There were about 9 veterans at the 70th commemoration. I attended the 75th on Saturday, and only 2 were left. I'll make a separate post once I collect all the photos.
  3. Agreed. They were made after the war. I have Lt. Col. Mills' ADBC badge with similar bullion embroidery.
  4. Gorgeous uniform! Thanks for sharing. I did read a story of a Philippine Scout private who was captured by the Japanese and later released. During Japanese Occupation, he worked for the Japanese-run Manila Police Department as a civilian employee. After liberation, the Americans detained him and released him. He shortly returned to the US Army's Philippine Scouts and requested a promotion to Second Lieutenant, AUS. His request was denied because of his involvement with the Japanese-run Manila PD, even though he was just a civilian employee.
  5. Room, check. Ticket for a 7-hour Megabus ride to and from Chicago, check. OVMS membership renewal, check. I'm ready... Bring it on SoS!
  6. “Your spiritual eyes have been opened through your tribulations for more than five months in the battlefields, and your experiences of suffering imprisonment for more than three months in different concentration camps” Wow, and the Imperial Japanese Forces tried to shut those eyes and blind the Filipinos from the fact that the IJF caused all of this suffering. I’m sure you’re right, Kurt… I doubt the Scouts bought any of this. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Morning of December 8, 1941 — Philippines: Below is a graphic of some of the units the US Army Forces-Far East (USAFFE) and the Asiatic Fleet had on this day before the start of WWII. (I’ll attempt to update this graphic now through May of next year.) Within this hour, the Japanese attacked the Philippines by air. From December 1941 to May 1942, these men and women bravely stalled the Japanese juggernaut, giving the Allies time to gather their forces — a feat worthy of the Congressional Gold Medal. *Note the number of aircraft. In Louis Morton’s “The Fall of the Philippines,” he mentions that writers have argued how many planes were in operation in the Philippines before the Japanese attack. These figures are from his book. P.S. This graphic was inspired by BBC’s D-Day graphic showing the “armada” that came to swarm the French beaches. It can be seen here: http://bit.ly/2gElJuz There were thousands of ships, planes, tanks, and troops invading Normandy in 1944. But only a handful defended the Philippines in 1941-42.
  8. Pretty neat belt buckle! It bears the insignia of the Philippine Commonwealth Army, so it was made between 1935-1946.
  9. I recently acquired this Philippine Constabulary Collar Brass. It has the typical Philippine pin, probably from the 1910s-20s. What's interesting: it's hallmarked C.H. Dudley. Anyone have any information on this particular hallmark?
  10. Holy moley, those are some great finds!
  11. That 34th ID uniform kept calling your name. Glad you finally decided to buy it... and at a good deal, too.
  12. Thanks, Dave and Drew. It took 5 years to research, but I had fun creating this one.
  13. I'm doing research on Gen. Wainwright's ribbons and awards. There is one that definitely perplexes me. Please see below in red. I thought it would be the Philippine Independence Ribbon, but the number of stripes don't exactly match. Anyone know what it could be?
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