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  1. I'm in the Miami region on vacation soon, visiting some relatives. Any good surplus stores there? Found 3 online, but that's it. Also interested in anything military. Museums... Thanks in advance, Philip
  2. Thanks for the link! Hm... maybe you're right. But seeing error taged items not for the first time I don't think you can tell just by the NSN. For example the T-pattern flak jacket covers are all marked as "desert". Mine also has that experimental contract number. Commercial or not I like it either way. Thanks again for your opinion!
  3. Thanks for your response! I guess these were made in small quantities only?
  4. Same design as GenI parkas but made of a gray nylon fabric which is much softer than standard ECWCS parkas, not Gore-Tex. Stock number is for a woodland L-R parka.
  5. A little late but... Congratulations, Owen! All the best!
  6. Looks like the rain suit to me. Which is not Gore-Tex.
  7. I don't think so. They use the old plain white ones.
  8. Nice picture. Looks like there were also matching rain pants.
  9. There was also a Gore-Tex parka in that pattern.
  10. I heard that too. Source: former owner (US Marine) of my cover
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