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  1. I've got 2 others. a GI J pilot and a GI J paratrooper. Haven't found any relation to premium giveaways (yet).
  2. Cool thread! My wife asked who made the bandoleers? Did the ammo manufacturers each make their own, or were there separate companies making them?
  3. Found these in Midland, TX years ago. They show the manufacturing process of ammunition from blank material to finished round, all in cut-away sections. I have two, one French in 8mm (shown) and another English in .303. All steps of the process are represented with a cut-away sample and labeled with a (?) stamped or engraved brass plaque. Interesting pieces from a historic place.
  4. Again I don't remember where or when I got this, (happens alot after 68 years). About 13 inches long brass tip, brass ring, BG star. Rather crude engraving of dragon and inscription. Opens up with twist to show (?) letter opener. (Sucker is REALLY sharp).
  5. I don't remember where or when I acquired this but I thought it was pretty cool. Hand carved heavy wood about 19 inches tall, probably AF, possibly Navy. Anyone have an idea regarding unit or service?
  6. Thanks to both...German students, Huh...never would have thought it. Can't remember where it came from. Musta been in a lot with others. I don't collect AF except WW II patches. Thanks again. Texasradio
  7. Greetings all, I need some help in IDing 2 patches. 1st; TEXAS DEFENSE GUARD. Probably Texas State guard patch but need circa/era. 2nd: UNK, Well worn probably AF zipper suit sew-on. Thanks in advance, Texasradio
  8. This is a great thread! I know why this was called the "Greatest Generation". I have some of the 'V' patches, but not nearly all of them. Can you imagine in our country, today, trying form an organization like this? Texasradio
  9. With the advent of the ACU (funny looking PJ's) and the Velcro rank patch, I always had fun telling Lts and Capts. their rank was on upside down.
  10. Thanks for the great pic Kration. Now when I'm wandering through the junk/antique/etc stores, I can have a reason to dig through the kitchen items, other than looking for mess kit stuff. VR, Texasradio
  11. OK, syrup or cream pitcher. I'll buy into that, but does anyone have a picture of the "ring" that goes inside of the item?? VR, Texasradio
  12. Jim, Here's a list of the pep pins. This came from a book "Illustrated Radio Premium catalog and price guide" Copyright 1989 by Tom Tumbusch. The book also shows some of the pins. Regards, Texasradio
  13. Given to me in Texas. 6 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter at the base. Light-weight aluminum with a spring-loaded top like a stein. Appears new without any stains or corrosion, just some light oxidation inside and out. The lid has a small dent in it. Marked on bottom; U.S. A.G.M. Co. 1941 I would think possibly a mess hall item, except all other MH items I've seen were stainless-steel or crockery, not light-weight aluminum. Tell me what you think. Thanks, Texasradio
  14. This is from the book TOYS GO TO WAR by Jack Matthews 1994
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