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    Collecting US Army Militaria from WWI to Vietnam, restoring old military vehicles, and military history research.
  1. Nice helmet! I recently acquired one from the vets family that also has doves stamped under the brim.
  2. Great article! I remember the good old days of hitting the big surplus store on 4th St in downtown Mpls. I opened my surplus store over a year ago and it turns out I'm following one of the three noted methods to stay open...surplus and military collectibles. There is more to it than just that. However, I do have real Army surplus and no camochic clothing or commercial knock off "type" or "style" items. My place is small but its all about moving inventory through foot traffic and internet sales and I'm definitely focusing on demand vs piles of cheap surplus. I'd love to get my hands on an old
  3. I noticed you didn't use the external poles to support the top halves. How many poles and what type did you use on the inside?
  4. I picked this from a stack of helmet covers just outside Camp Lejeune, NC. The stack was a mix of Vietnam covers and WWII covers. The cover was cut and stitched and had three snaps added to it. MY first thoughts are that the cover was made to go over a tankers helmet but I can't figure out the positioning and reason for the snaps. Any ideas?
  5. There are US od shelters stamped with USMC where you would normally find he US. These shelters also have a row od smooth snaps (female type) across the top. I found my first one of these in 2015 and did not know about them until that time (and I have been collecting since 1996).
  6. Looking at his participation certificates it appears Gwinn was part of Gemini 7, 9a, 11, and 12! Although he was assigned to the unit I'm not sure if he participated on any of the other numbered missions (ie. 8, 10).
  7. His grouping also included the laminated named boarding passes for Air Force One, about a dozen letters from the White House to his civilian residence, and planning and operational documents relating to several of the presidential trips. He was part of the planning for the Gulf War Victory Parade and kept the entire planning order for that event. He was quite a pack rat when it came to his papers, school docs, orders, and evaluations. Some of the interesting WH gift items have good value and are collectible outside the military aspect of the grouping. Can anyone tell me more about th
  8. Vietnam era flight suit in OD and Blue one in the back. I am still working with the family to see if we can obtain his older fatigues with non-subdued insignia and the actual full size medals.
  9. Gifts of the White House. NOTE: The gold medallion/coin in the blue case is from President Reagan (40th Pres) and is #201 of only 250 issued! I have tried to find more information about this item so would appreciate any help.
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