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  1. Thank you for the help. This is why I love this board and community.
  2. Fantastic. Thank you so much. That helps to validate the ribbon bar even further.
  3. This ribbon bar came as part of small named grouping. I am trying to verify this ribbon which should also help verifying the authenticity of the "named" grouping. I believe the ribbon is for Special Operations Command Medal, but I cannot seem to find a photographic example of it. The first photo is the ribbon in question, the far one on the left side. The second photo has a similar looking ribbon suspending a medal in COL(r) Puckett's display in the National Infantry Museum. COL(r) Puckett was award the Special Operations Command Medal, so I believe the
  4. It would be great to see which ones you have. Yes, Dale was very friendly and easy to work with when ordering. I feel very privileged to have carried one of his knives into combat.
  5. "are these weapons with this stamping on the barrel hard to come across." They are in the sense that most times the import stamped barrel is removed and replaced by an unstamped one. Generally, import marked firearms do not bring as much a cash as non-import variants.
  6. If anyone is interested in it here it is for sale again. Although I have not been reimbursed yet. https://www.baystatemilitaria.com/WWI/WWIuniforms.htm
  7. Never mind it is going back to the dealer as questionable anyways.
  8. I am hoping that some of the experts can give their opinion on this WW1 82nd patch. Thanks for any feed back.
  9. WOW! Fantastic, thanks so much for posting these.
  10. riflegreen297


    I just wanted to share that member "treetop", Steve Wilson has passed away. Steve was a great salt of the earth person. He put family and friendship above all else. RIP Steve, you are missed my friend.
  11. Wow! That is truly a display of talent. Excellent work, thank you for sharing.
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