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  1. Sorry to hear this. My condolences to him and his family. I talked to bob many times at the SOS over the years, His knowledge was awesome to learn from. I all so bought many medal grouping's from Bob over the years. He will be greatly missed. RIP Marine. Nick
  2. Great Book Dave. You did a wonderful job. You all so spent all day at my house. It was a great time taking to you and you taking photos of my Medal collection. Nick
  3. Great Grouping. Just Awesome for you to be the caretaker
  4. Ok. I was told 30's for these officers ega's. do,nt know ?
  5. Hi. This is not my field of expertise , I think these are from the 20,s and 30,s, Maker mared meyer. Can someone give me some verifacation on these. Thanks for any help Nick
  6. Get UV glass for the case. Or don't let the sun light shine on it.
  7. I have his marine officer col visor . for luckel
  8. The hbt has been canceled.why probably a buyer made a offer.
  9. Research shows he was in the 35th replacement draft at the time of iwo . Which where never at Iwo Jima. Unless ancestry is wrong. I can not find the 35th replacement draft any where that fought in WW2. maybe someone can shed some light on this marine. So becarefull. Nick
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