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  1. Ohhh no kidding, a decoder. I never would've thought of that before. After typing it in on eBay (one going for around 1,000 right now) I sure do wish it was still in the pouch! Hopefully I can get really lucky and come acrossone one day at a junk shop. Thanks for the help! Blake
  2. Hell all, I picked up a small pouch the other day and I have no idea what it is or what it was used for. I'm thinking it looks like USMC, but I think it could also be some kind of Signal Corps or Corps of Engineers bag. I'm guessing it's from the WWII era because it has that wonderful OD#3 "khaki" color. It's very rigid and can fit inside an M-1 ammo bag. Pictures (washed out by the flash): It has markings "M-209-B" on the bottom, I'm thinking that's the item's designation? No clue... Big D-rings and a pen holder? Loops for attaching to a pistol belt? Or a rifle butt?
  3. It's still definitely a cool item, but passing it off as original is, well, pretty awful.
  4. Hi Dan. The paratrooper jacket is a repop and I stuck an AAF patch on it for glider pilot (I also do reenacting). If it was real I would put it in a case and never take it out!
  5. It is my understanding from what I've read and seen that the Troop Carrier patches were only issued to flight operation personnel. I would imagine that C-47 crews would all have one and glider pilots would all have one, but flightline maintenance guys, adjutants, clerks, etc would wear the generic AAF HQ patch or the numbered AF patch. Bullion troop carrier patches are indeed a fairly rare find, as are the theater-made felt patches (but you can find them here and again). I would be very careful in cleaning them, as they are probably very fragile. With a little research into the laundry
  6. Although he did talk about his trusty 1911A1, he never really went that far into detail. I have a scan of all of his supply lists for his gear and weapons, and he was issued an M3 shoulder holster. I'm guessing either this or the standard pistol belt holster was used. I've got a great picture illustrating the wide array of gear the GP's were issued or acquired...every picture I see has different uniforms, gear, and weapons. It seems that since they floated around a lot amongst AB troops and other Air Corps personnel, you see almost every variation of gear setup and uniforms. Here's a couple ph
  7. Hey Greg, although you are correct in regards to GP's carrying the SMG's (my grandpa carried an M3 Grease Gun), I have seen photos with Garands as well. I'm guessing that maybe they traded with AB guys since there was a lot of intermingling going on. Here's a photo of GP's at Normandy:
  8. Here's the poster. I need to get a frame for it, it was in a box of my grandpa's things:
  9. Well, it's been a little over a year since I begun my foray into the wonderful world of military collecting, and I have to say that I've gotten the fever and haven't slowed down! 90% is original and WWII, but since I reenact I have some reproductions mixed in, as well as taking liberties with spare ribbon bars, insignia, and wings to re-create uniforms. I've gotten some great deals and paid a little extra here and there, but I think I've amassed a good introductory collection. Questions, comments, suggestions, insults, fire away! My main uniform rack: Footlocker display:
  10. It's pretty offensive, actually. It not only demeans reenactors that try to maintain an ultimate level of authenticity every time they are in public, but it also disrespects veterans as well. I'd say "to each their own" and "it's a free country," but I think someone should say something to them. I mean, how far is too far?
  11. That website tool looks more like turn-of-the-century photos to me, or even old newspaper stock, so I can't really say that it would work for anything WWI or later. Just my opinion!
  12. Simply...just, wow to the nth power. Is it safe to say you have well over a million dollars invested in this?
  13. Yeah, from what I'm seeing so far, the coloUrful photos and the armoUr displays seem to be focused on England-only.
  14. I think the main thing we have to acknowledge, especially with WWII, was that it was the last time we had "Total War." Everyone in America's lives were affected by the war, be it rationing, working in factories making things for the military, getting drafted, volunteering, or simply seeing and reading things about it wherever you went. I've had times where I've talked with WWII vets and thanked them for their service only for them to thank me back for reenacting and keeping their memories alive. Maybe it's because they never asked for thanks or for someone to take the time to honor them, y
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