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  1. Spike thanks for the info....appreciate the reply
  2. Guys a little late with the question but does anyone know what the A M inked on the neck of the cammo jacket is..? Only asking as I’ve just picked one up today almost identical to Tony’s also with A M inked stamped in the same place..nice set Tony Best regards Joe
  3. Outstanding group..are the trousers paramarine type?
  4. All booked and ready to go....look forward to catchin up with mike and rick again...doesn't seem like it's nearly one year ago,time does fly... Best regard Joe
  5. I think you will find that's a us navy contract beginning with NX not a USMC one Regards joe
  6. We got here last night ,all ready for tomorrow .
  7. Jerry They look good to me from the pictures you have posted. Will your right they do look like 44s to me also, I am also unsure if 44s have been redone by the repro company's . More pics plse jerry just to make sure. Best regards joe
  8. Love the last pic...you wouldn't want that coming towards your foxhole ... Very nice work Best regards Joe
  9. Looking good Just started on the build of my one,looking forward to seeing your finished Best regards joe
  10. All booked up to go..mike will catch up with you ( sgtdorango ) looking forward to this one regards joe
  11. Cracking find, good luck on your research on this vet Regards joe
  12. My collection of ww11 tags has hit 240 matched pairs now,I find them very interesting to collect,apart from the guys underware how personal can you get.! Something that was worn for there duration of service. I like to collect NOK tags with names or states that I find interesting or places that I have visited I managed to pick up over some time tags that had the same name as characters from movies ect ect Miller , Ryan , Doyle. From SPR,funny the tags for Ryan have the Christian name Francis ..no bids on flea bay scored them for $10' Nice set of tags named to a slaughter from Texas who on
  13. Very nice That's the sort of modified knife I like Not sure of the value on this one but myself I wouldn't blink at paying $300 for it Regards joe
  14. $560.....flage Burned. And pants pulled down at the same time That's a lot of $$ for a modern copy Will your right that's a lot of ref books the buyer could have purchased ,but even with good ref books ya can't beat knowledge and some people don't learn Best regards joe
  15. Hi mike Yes good to meet up at the show,had a great time,all booked for SOS next year so will hook up with you at the show. Talk to ya later mike Best regards joe
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