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  1. Sir

    The crew picture you have posted is of Crew#1 of the 553rd Recon Wing, Korat Thailand 1967-1968. They were part of the 1st. Wave of Batcats. I run a website for them. If you give me the airmens name I might be able to get you more info on him. Our website is at: http://www.1stwave553rdreconwing.com/index.html Cliff Jensen cliff_jensen@1stwave553rdreconwing.com

  2. Wow! You did a great job on this!
  3. Thanks guys! Don was a character for sure, and one of my favorite guys to just sit and talk to when we were around him.
  4. It is with immense sadness that I report that a true American hero of WWII, Sgt Donald Brinenstool, passed away in his sleep this past Friday night. Don was with A/506 101st Airborne, and one of the reasons I reenact WWII and 101st Airborne. Many of you may recognize his name from George Koskimaki's and Don Burgett's books. I was fortunate enough to have known him personally. He will be sorely missed. Here we are with Don at a recent event last Summer, he is on the far right.
  5. Same thing here Ehrentitle,All our MOPP suits were OD and I remember the green tape, the Gore Tex were worn only by folks who private purchased them and were not issued yet if I remember..
  6. My one and only KW grouping I have..but a favorite! A named 502nd MP uniform with dogtags and liberty passes. (502nd MP liner is a NAM one I had in my collection already)
  7. I checked the bid history..and it clearly shows a bidding war between only 2 different bidders starting at $5.55 and ending at the sell price.. So not a rare piece, but just two bidders clearly getting out of hand, or a shell bidder!
  8. Thanks for the tip! I have quite a few footlockers that need keys!
  9. Nice one! Is there a silver dollar under the patch?
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