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  1. I have always enjoyed the back story to the pieces. If not for us historians so much history would be lost. Jason Hardy
  2. John Gunnison's Counter Insurgency Support Office (CISO) manufactured black boonie that he had the brim cropped down and locally (Kontum RVN) hand embroidered RT IOWA with GUNNISON on the reverse. The necklace medallion was manufactured in Thailand. In 1969, John H. Gunnison was assigned to Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MAC V SOG), Command and Control South (CCS), Recon Company and served on Recon Teams Level and Sickle. He was later reassigned to Command and Control Central (CCC), Recon Company and reformed RT Iowa.
  3. I know the Bull Simmons picture you are referring to as it is also depicted on his statue on Fort Bragg. For some reason I think I read somewhere that it is was made for him in the PI. The author of the thesis was not on the raid and gathered his information through interviews and after action reports, We can discuss the meaning of all the words in the paragraph as it states: a heavy blade and a sharp point so is the word AND meaning a separate piece other then the blade or can we infer that some people call an axe a machete. I do not understand how you could pry on a door with no back
  4. I purchased this from the veteran a few weeks ago, a nice third model uniform that was Thai (Thailand) direct embroidered. In 1970, Robert Reed served as a Special Forces Dentist assigned to the 46th Special Forces Company (ABN), Thailand.
  5. I received this switchblade from a 173rd Veteran who served in Vietnam in 1967. He stated that Headquarters Company had a conex container full of them and they were handing them out. It piece is marked SCHRADE, WALDEN
  6. Some ten years ago I contacted the veteran John Gunnison in reference to his time on a Recon Team (RT Sickle) out of Command and Control South (CCS). The veteran had confirmed his time on the team and verified that RT Sickle was in fact comprised of Chinese Nungs. He went on to inform me that after US led teams were forbidden to enter Cambodia in June 1970 he was transferred to Command and Control Central (CCC), Recon Company, and reformed Recon Team Iowa using his former RT Sickle indigenous personnel. John went on to confirm the team created a patch shortly afterwords explained its meaning a
  7. According to the written thesis it was the machine shop at Eglin. Jason Hardy
  8. Here are copies of the Thesis written by William H. McRaven who later became the JSOC Commander.
  9. To be honest I had never considered it to be a USAF crash axe and went online to view them last night. It does appear to that it may be a USAF axe that had the cleats ground off. In the years since the Raid the veterans mistook modified for manufactured. I will post part of the theists later that was written I believe in the 1990's sometime that references them and later was incorporated into a book. I appreciate your insight. Jason Hardy
  10. I purchased this from the widow of Richard Meadows several months back. These were manufactured at Eglin Air Force Base specifically for the Son Tay Raid. There is very few references to them
  11. Believe me, that was one of the first questions out of my mouth when I spoke to the vet was "Where is the shirt?". The veteran stated he got rid of them years ago. Now that the picture is out I am sure they will magically start appearing....
  12. I am currently reworking my Special Forces History website, but do have the books available at www.thedogtag.com or you can order them here. http://thedogtag.com/product/mac-v-sog-team-history-of-a-clandestine-army-vol-10/
  13. I have encountered two styles of the 1-0 vest, the first is a lighter weight canvas material that has a sewn in leather holster. The second version is like the one that started this forum. This style I have seen in a couple different colors and have been privileged to own about a dozen over the years. I have two that the veterans they claimed to have set them up (stocked) themselves with a compass, map, pen flair set and other survival items. I do not believe the vest would be very practical for M-79 rounds.
  14. I think you are referring to the Norwegian Mr. Fishing vest story claiming Lynne Black the author of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (KFC) designed the vest. Black served in Vietnam with MAC V SOG in 1967-1968. I have purchased two vest from veteran's who served at Camp Long Thanh in 1965. I believe they wore originally designed and issued to the early Vietnamese teams that jumped into North Vietnam. Jason Hardy
  15. I know Sammy personal and believe he did not retire until the 1990s. With that said, funding for Special Forces really tightened after Vietnam and there was not allot of money for reequipping or research and development of the teams. Allot of veterans I know who stayed in the service worn items they had remaining from South East Asia, hell the stuff was made to last. I really think some collectors have a tendency to over think things sometimes.
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