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    Primarily Pre-WWII & WWII USMC ega's & Officers covers, 101st Airborne patches, Hallmarked Jump wings. U.S. Navy CPO Specialty rate patches, Vintage Montana National Guard items.
    In Memory of great friend Major Earl C. Willey and his USMC Brother Lloyd Vernon Willey who survived three years and 6 months as a Japanese POW in Burma-Thailand prison camps. What more can you ask of any man. . .

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  1. Thanks for the information. Is appreciated.
  2. Have been searching on-line and cannot verify for certain if this is a real cannon ball or a ball mill steel. It appears to be cast iron, has the seam and pour hole. Is 3 1/8" in diameter and weighs 4 lbs. 7 oz. Is it real? Thanks for any assistance.
  3. I realize that it has been sometime since this topic was posted but I have a WWII marine dress blue uniform with documentation that the Marine served aboard the USS Indiana. But his patch is from the 1st marine division. Did all shipboard detachment marines wear the sea going patch or did some wear division patches?
  4. Klie's book is definately the best! I have been collecting EGA's for a few years and will share that I have found the learning curve to be steep. There are many variations and just when you think you have it all figured out another variation or hallmark shows up that has you going back to the book. But, that is the fun of collecting EGA's, unlike many of the army or Navy insignia, you never seem to get "them all." It keeps your interest peaked and your search never ends. So enjoy your quest!
  5. Would take the CAA badge if you still have it.  Jim

    1. awmartin


      Hello Jim,

      Sorry I missed your message, and this new backend layout will  take some time getting used to. Anyways, the cap badge is still available if you're interested. My paypal address is: awmartinek@gmail.com.

      Thank you,


  6. Thanks, is appreciated. Have gone thru the NG also but there are so many out there a person could miss it.
  7. Sometimes when you obtain a uniform with ribbons it is difficult to tell if they are original with the jacket or just added. I have been trying to identify this red ribbon with two white stripes by review of the order of precedence and The call of duty. The only one that I can see in Call of duty is a NACA Exceptional service medal which was awarded in the 1950's and does not make sense. So any ideas? Thanks
  8. Since M1911 slides have no serial numbers it is near impossible to verify that a U.S. Navy slide is correct with the receiver. The most likely way to have some certainty that a U.S. Navy slide is correct with the receiver is to match the recorded Colt serial numbers with the slide. Colt records are very specific as to the serial number ranges that they shipped to the U.S. Navy Yard in Brooklyn. All Model 1911's in Navy contracts through serial numbers 110,000 (1915) were marked "Model of 1911. U.S. Navy" on the right side of the slide. After 1915 and serial number 110,000 all 1911's sent to
  9. I assume you are talking about the 6 Okinawa maps and bulletin?
  10. I have reviewed the Thread, thanks. The owner wants to get the grouping appraised. I have no idea where he might go to do that. If anyone knows of a source I will relay it on to him. Regardless of the appraisal he wants to sell the grouping. If anyone might be interested or knows someone who would be, let me know and I will forward the Phone number.
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