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  1. Great bags! Was happy to have one in the collection for awhile, but sold it a few years ago. I think I heard it has been sold again and looks like yours Tom. I found mine in a fishing section of an antique store full of fishing gear.
  2. Well said Owen. Same goes for Austin Lee. Both were great people and will be missed. Great folks to have at events and spend time with. Austin was a very close friend and member of our local group. They will be missed. Cheers and RIP.
  3. Nice one! Goes along with my 2nd ID NCO helmet I found over the summer.
  4. Thanks! Have not seen many of these. Was happy to get one in the collection.
  5. Been collecting USMC items from WW2 for many years and a few items have eluded me. I am finally able to cross one off the list. It is fairly salty, but readable, all snaps and grommets present. Just a bit dirty and faded. Dated '43 and made by Boyt. Both sides have USMC. Happy to have an example in the collection. Markings are very readable in normal light. Just had some trouble getting the camera to capture them. Thanks for looking!
  6. From an event over the summer. Me taking a break in my jeep at our groups annual living history encampment at Ft. Stevens Oregon. WW2 USMC display.
  7. Might give it another go. Some of the paint is pretty cracked and flaky so I am going at it with caution. If nothing else, got years of barn dust off it.
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