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    The battle of Brest in Brittany, all the US units involved there. The Battle of St Lô in Normandy. The 29th division.
  1. Hi, here is what I found about Walter E. Claypoole. The first time is is mentioned in the 175th book, he is T/Sgt in E/175, federally recognized february 4, 1948. Easy co is then commended by Captain George F. Kerchner, famous for his DDay actions with the 2nd Rgr Bn for which he received the DSC. Walter E Claypole is cited a second time in the 175th roster June 15th 1954. He is 1st Lt in E/175th, commanded by Captain Francis H. Hilditch. The 175th History book was published in 1955. There is a 1954 photo of the entire 2nd Bn staff in the book were 1Lt W. E. Claypole is seen.
  2. Thanks Johan, I've tried again on GC, but photos are always too heavy. I try again with those photos of our last barn find this WE in Normandy. My diggers friends Rico went there one week ago and found one of collector's dream in German stuff...And another of those stamped Jerrycan... Other side Yannick
  3. Hello and thanks to all for your kind messages . Well, we still go digging when time permits. We did new finds with a new "digging toy" a few months ago, but curiously I am unable to post any photo here since the changes on the forum. When I click on the "image" above, it blocks my screen and I can't close the new window... When I use Tinypics as I usually did, I can make a copy but am unable to paste the link here. That's a reason I did not post for a long time. And I am also realy bad with computers... Well, looks like some people in USA are on a project of a movie about Hill 108
  4. Hi Chuck, if I find a mention of him in my files, I'll let you know. But MR mentioned by Paul are one of the best source of info. But all 29th'units MR are not published yet. Yannick
  5. Last researches in Normandy, three weeks ago Helmet liner and shell are actually in a cleaning & restauration phase. It has multiple scrapnell's holes from many different sides. No names or ID. Yannick
  6. Nice to see you here Maxime, welcome tu USMF! Great 8th division collection!! Yannick
  7. i was too young Johan ! I met Philippe Lebreuiily in 94 while with the 29th French group accompanying the vets. Lebreuilly told us then about the selling of most of his collection to a museum in the US. he also told us some stories about the way he collected some of that stuff in the farms around St Lô... Sad it was sold before I heard about it. And I've never seen any photo of his collection. Yannick
  8. Thanks very much Bob, Appreciate your nice comments. Paul, Interesting info about your great uncle! Yannick
  9. Thanks Paul and John. I add this picture of the new addition in the collection. This dog tag was found a few months ago at St Renan, North of Brest, by a collector friend of mine. Needless to say I've been looking to it for a long time and today we finaly made a trade so the tag is home. Other stuff displayed around are for the exhibit. most are related to 29th division, except the religious medal and PH ribbon. according to MR, 1st Lt Robert H. Roser landed as 2nd Lt , HQco 1/175th. he was later transferred to B co as Platoon leader. WIA July 17th near St Lô, returning to unit in Aug
  10. Hi all! New addition. Here are five photos of some the soldiers mentionned in this letter. I must thank my friend A Schramm who got the 1942 photo roster of D/175 (and outbidded me ;-) ...) and was kind enough to make me scans of those photos. Other soldiers mentionned were not in the unit when the portrait poster was made. Would love to know what the expression "Jeeper cats" means? Regards, Yannick
  11. Great! Hope you'll be able to complete the grouping. Sad it was separated, but there is something good as those pieces are fortunately reunited again in a good home! Yannick
  12. Hé hé Jon!! And this other one found by Norman collectors near St Lô. they displayed it in 2009 in St George d'Elle. Yannick
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