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  1. Hi, last year we visited the Le Muy Airborne Museum and the sourrounding Area. We were not able to find the Glider Memorial... Also the guys in the museum could not really help, because cell phones don't work and I had no map with me. This year we try again, so can someone tell me some coordinates or show a map were it is!? This would be great! Thank you Christian
  2. I found this on a Flea Market near Ramstein Airbase here in Germany. I first thought that this was some kind of kids Toy Belt for playing Soldier, but than I saw the Mills Stamp and Patent Sign on it. Modern Gear is common here, but WW1 is very seldom, maybe it came with a US Soldier over here and his Son played with it on Halloween... Is this a 1916 M1910 Garrison Belt? I´m thinking if I let it like it is, or removing the Cartridge Loops and Metall Aplication, they are only pinned in, not shure until now. Looks like this Belts are not common. Thank you Christian
  3. Last weekend I was visiting a flea market in Coblenz / Germany. A seller sold some US things he get out a house in Rhens. In this town south of Coblenz, parts of the 87th Division crossed the Rhine river. One thing I bought was this Jerry Can. I have seen reproduction Octane Tags in the past (but they look different), but tihs one was my first original I saw. Why and for what reason were they used, Could not be used much, because I found many Gas Cans in the past, but never with octane tag. Gruß christian
  4. I was working in a town near ramstein airbase in Germany, when we heard a strange noise, that was very different from the modern US Airforce aircrafts, that land on the base and fly over us regulary. I heard the sound of whiskey 7 that came to ramstein on its way to the 70th aniversery in normandy. we saw it coming out of the gray dust and I couldn't believe to see a C47 in low level flight over us. To see and hear this again, would be great! gruss christian
  5. Hi, in German there is no E (East) it is O (Ost) Gruß christian
  6. thank you for this information. It is painted in typical olive drab of WW2, so I don´t think it is for civillian use?! But it is interesting, search goes on! Christian
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