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  1. We lost power about 48 hours ago - still running on our back-up generator system. It is a 12kW system that has a quiet engine and runs off our 1000gal propane tank buried in the yard. The system powers our well, septic system, heating system, water heater, refrigerators, freezer, cooktop, some lights, a TV and my computer/modem. We moved my in-laws into our place on Monday afternoon before the storm started, just in case. My father in law is confined to a wheelchair. Their house is on the same power grid as ours so theirs has no power now. No real damage to our property - some downed branches and limbs but nothing bad. We were very fortunate and I am so glad I opted to get the back-up generator when we built the house.
  2. I'm in northeast PA. I spent the day making sure my college was buttoned down and we had plans in place for our dorm residents - then came home and we moved my in-laws from their house up to ours. Rain was less than expected and winds have been stiff but not as bad as predicted. We did lose power about 2 hours ago - 13 seconds later my generator kicked on, the auto transfer switched over to generator power and we had lights, heat, water, septic, refirgerators, freezer, the TV and the computer and internet. The generator runs off propane and we have a 1000 gallon tank buried in the yard. Life is good!! Be safe everyone!!
  3. I was going through some old pictures from when I was assigned to the embassy in Tunisia and happened upon several photos of some abandoned bunkers and trenches I took during a trip through southern Tunisia in 1989. I'm not sure if they date to WWII or during the Tunisian fight for independence from France in the early 50s. They overlook a roan coming out of the city of Tataouine (for those of you who think that sounds familiar, it is the name of Luke Skywalker's home planet in Star Wars. The initial scenes of the movie were filmed there - the residents of that city actually dig their homes underground as depicted by Luke's home in the movie). I was driving up the road and just happened to notice the bunkers along the side of the road. Since I'm not sure who constructed them or when they were constructed, I figured I wouldn't post any pics because they are most likely not US.
  4. I was commissioned as a 2LT in Field Artillery after graduating from college and Army ROTC. I spent my first 13 years as an artillery officer - served in 8" SP, 155mm SP, 105mm towed and LANCE Missile battalions. I commanded a LANCE firing battery in the mid-80s. I also trained as a Middle East/North Africa Foreign Area Officer/regional specialist - went to DLI to learn Arabic, then to Tunisia where I was assigned to the Defense Attache's Office with duty at the Department of State Foreign Service Institute; their advanced Arabic school. We lived just north of Tunis and I spent a year and a half refining my language skills and traveling across the Middle East and North Africa. Without going into the details I ended up branch transferring to Military Intelligence as a Major and spent my last 13 years working in intel related jobs. I was the G2 planner for 7th ID(L), the XO for 107th MI, the G2 for 3ID (in Germany) and was the battalion commander of 103rd Military Intelligence Battalion in '95 until the division was reflagged as the 1st Infantry Division - at that point my battalion was also reflagged as the 101st MI in Wuerzburg Germany. I deployed the battalion to Bosnia in '96 and relinquished command there in '97. I returned to the US after my command and ended up working in Army Strategy Plans and Policy on the Army Staff. After a year out attending the National War College, I was assigned back to the same office on the Army Staff as the Division Chief - I was a colonel at that point. I somehow managed to walk out unscathed from the Pentagon on 9/11, another long story, and retired at the end of December 2003.
  5. Good catch on the magazine - I hadn't even thought about that. I checked my pile of extra magazines and don't have any correct for an Underwood
  6. I have both War Baby and War Baby Comes Home. I had hoped to find an entry showing that Standard Products supplied hand guards to Underwood - but did not. That doesn't mean it didn't happen; just that it was not documented in records used for the book. If I were you, I would not swap out the hand guard. The rifle is so nice as it is, you wouldn't not be adding any value to it by changing it, IMHO.
  7. Sweet looking carbine!! The trigger housing is, I think, probably correct as is the Type III hammer. Underwood used some production numbers out of order so there are both 2 mil and 4 mil numbers in their first production run and then 2 mil, 4 mil and 6 mil numbers in their later runs.There are other markings - just about every part will have some mark on it. They are sometimes tough to find and require that you strip the rifle down.
  8. While most Inland barrels were dated, not all were. For example, the Carbine Club Newsletter #348 from 1 March 2008 reports this: "Most Inland barrels are dated.....Twelve data sheets reported no date on the barrels. All but one of those undated barrels were made by Inland." I riesch's book, U.S. m1 Carbines, Wartime Production, he also indicates that most, but not all, barrels were dated.
  9. I hope people are taking the comments some of us have made for what they were intended - constructive criticism. There's certainly no way to make everyone totally happy in any show. Some of us have chosen to provide feedback on what aspects of the show we were not as happy with - but only with the intent of offering some ideas to consider. We all want the show to succeed - we love collecting, this forum and Bob and Owen for stepping out into the unknown to bring us into the mainstream.
  10. I understand that these were the first 2 shows - all I offered was my opinion on what I saw and felt about them...personally. I have no idea what the next shows will be like..and in the end no one has to care what I think. And, as for Pickers, for every high priced item they buy - elephant head, car, motorcycle, etc, - they buy 5 smaller items. And, they take the time to talk about them all and educate the watchers about them. So, even those people who can't afford the elephant head see that they can get involved in this type of thing, too. It's about playing to the larger market, not just the more elite collector. Again, I am only offering my opinion. It's obviously not what the majority of people want to hear. My understanding was that the idea was to express our honest reaction. That's what I have done.
  11. RIP Major Winters. Your Service and dedication to our Nation and Soldiers was - and always will be - a shining example of what true leadership looks like. I am sorry that I never got to meet you personally, but your example made me a better leader.
  12. I'm not disagreeing - but I saw no balance and, just speaking personally, I won't keep watching a show like this when I see nothing that I feel can directly relate to "me." IMHO, the ability to click with all of the market segments is the key to the success of Pickers, Pawn Stars and Storage Wars. Again, I recognize this is just my own opinion. Take it for just that. It differs from many - actually most - here. But, I offer it for consideration.
  13. Overall, I enjoyed the shows. I loved the interplay and the humor. My only issue is that the focus was really on "big ticket" items. The overwhelming majority of people who collect and enjoy militaria will never think of buying a tank or a $4500 bicycle. We collect the smaller items - MILSURP weapons and parts, field gear, uniforms, patches, awards and other items that encompass the majority of militaria for sale on the market. It just seems that by focusing on those larger items, you'll ignore the vast majority of people who can/will make up your target demographic. Those are the people who will come back week after week - and you are more likely to get someone interested in collecting militaria by starting on the lower end of the scale than on someone running out and dropping $45k on a repro tank. Personally, I enjoy watching Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Storage Wars because they offer a wide variety of items - some that I would buy today and some that I'd never be able to afford or even want. But, the variety is there to hold everyone's interest. I just didn't see that in the 1st two episodes. Just my own $.02. As they say, opinions are like buttholes (gotta love the autocensoring software) ...we all have them. That's mine.
  14. I work as a senior administrator at a college now and the college president is also a retired Army officer. He started a tradition long before I joined the college of wearing minature medals on our tuxedos at the annual holiday reception we hold. Over the past two years, our local Chamber of Commerce has held a Gala at our college - formal - on Veterans Day - and I opted to wear my minatures on my tuxedo for those events, too. The reaction is interesting - lots of positive comments and many vets who stop by to chat about their service. I think we, as a society, also tend to be more casually oriented. We see medals and ribbons as "formal." So, while ets will wear an olf field jacket, boots or a ball cap emblazoned with their Service logo, they don't even consider wearing their medals or ribbons. To me, the idea is less aout the indiidual and more about recognition of Serice to Nation. God knows we fight an uphill battle for people to recognize the enormous sacrifice of our Vets and their families...maybe seeing us wear the ribbons and medals that represent, in a large way, that sacifice might help. It's not about bragging, it's about showing pride in one's Service.
  15. Wow. Just Wow. Do retirees get to wear the next rank above their retired rank? According to this guy, we do. So, I'm calling Marlow White and ordering my BG's ASU!! Maybe the Army will mail me my M9, too!! I read the response from marlow White stating that this was not a uniform done by them. I've ought quite a few from them over the years and they know what they are doing - great service and quality.
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