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  1. You are officiallly addicted to WWI uniforms now.
  2. Snyder is just a turd that floats. If he thought you would take up his offer to scrap he would be squealing like a stuck pig. Being a Vietnam vet doesn't mean a damned thing when it comes to honesty. I am a Nam vet and the ratio of honest as compared to dishonest is comparable to average citizens every where. If you dance with the devil expect to get burned. I wouldn't buy anything from him regardless of what it is. Steve
  3. Osiyo Tohi ju A pertinent point. There were many sub tribes of the Cherokee nation as well as the 7 clans of the tribe. It may be Catwaba. I think those were the folks around that area. As with different dialects of English in Europe, Australia, the USA and the many differences in local dialects Eastern ,Southern. Northern, etc.. Plus the Yonega habit of mispronunciation I do not think we will ever know for sure.I have noticed there is a distinct difference in Oklahoma Cherokee and Qualla Cherokee in the Carolinas. I feel it would only be blind luck if it was ever verified, but would be a h
  4. This is a very interesting post.
  5. I really do not think they were using felt tip marking pens during WWII. The helmet is a fake.
  6. What an idiot. The helmet had a relevant history as a home front childs toy made from either rejects or overstock. Now it is not worth anything. Someone needs to slap the stupid off him.
  7. I agree. Replicas, reproductions, etc., etc.. should be marked in such a way as it would ruin the replica with any attempted removal of the copy mark.
  8. I am aware of the program mentioned about the patch. Trained artist's can apply to the US Civil service to run crafts shops on military bases, usually at overseas bases. I have known a couple of folks that have done this. Usually Civil service wants someone with a Masters degree in studio arts. I think you get 2 year contracts with them.
  9. Nice weapon. Prime pre war rifles like yours are really getting tough to find.
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