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    Collecting anything US military related from the Civil War to Vietnam, antique firearms, and model trains.
  1. Very tough decision. But i voted for the Garand. I wish i could have voted "all the above." Like everyone else says, the Garand is iconic... and just an awesome rifle.
  2. +1. i was upset when he was killed. I sometimes stop then and watch something else.
  3. cool, you have your own restoration shop too!! I love seeing before, during, and of course after pictures of restoration projects. Good luck with it, and the building, and the collection!!
  4. Cool finds! I have a copy of the 'Guidebook for the Marines' (bottom row, second from left in your pic). Lots of good info in there. Plus its a great reference too!
  5. Cool set up! I am kind of inspired now to make a set up for my Winchester 1897... just gotta find the right pieces
  6. I agree with Cobrahistorian on this one. After countless hours with my troop, camping, leadership, Board of Reviews, and community service, I like to say I EARNED my Eagle Scout Rank and medal. This was NOT competition of any sort. I did not WIN this. I EARNED it.
  7. Could also try Sarco or even Gunbroker. http://www.sarcoinc.com/cgm.html http://gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=142657419 (just an example of one of the auctions) Hope this helps!
  8. Very nice shotguns guys!! Greg, you mention yours has a sporting scene on your receiver. Is it similar to that of the Ithaca M37?
  9. Very cool! thanks for sharing the story as to how you created the display! the chain is a good idea too... esp to keep us pesky jealous forum members from taking them :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  10. Dang Mr. X, those are nice rifles! (love the 1911 even more )
  11. Beautiful rifles! I wish i had one to show off. If i did, i sure as heck would be proud of it. I really like the stock and sling on Franks 03 (bottom one in the pic). Is that an original one?
  12. always love admiring your collection and the way you have it displayed!! very cool!!! love the rifles and the pistol displays!!
  13. that is a beautiful rifle, im jealous! take good care of it and enjoy it!!! Lets us know how it shoots
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