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  1. Hi Vern, I'm in the Inland Empire, too. Nice to make your acquaintance. Jo
  2. And here's another photo, Baltimore Sun 1955, showing the brand new cadet uniforms for USAFA. Both cadets are wearing caps like yours, again with the prop and wings insignia.
  3. Let's see if I can crop it for a better view.
  4. I found a photo in George Fagan's Illustrated History of the US Air Force Academy, that shows the very first class of cadets being accepted; they are wearing caps like yours, with a prop and wings insignia.
  5. I found a photo in Jack Engeman's "Air Force Academy: The life of a cadet" depicting the same cartoon football-helmeted falcon mascot character. The character is repeated 3 times on a sweatshirt a cadet is considering buying for a little brother. The latest date in the book is 1962.
  6. I think it's a pretty early version of a falcon mascot cartoon character for USAFA. Maybe 1960's. Let me see what I can find.
  7. At the West Point official website, they have some pictures illustrating the various cadet uniforms. I'm attaching a downloaded copy of their image of a cadet officer wearing a saber belt and red sash. That's much more inspection ready than my mirror shot.
  8. Let me try a mirror shot with the saber belt over the shoulder. Remember, this is backward, the belt goes over the right shoulder to the left hip
  9. Here is an attempt to show the belt with the scabbard in place
  10. I'm sorry, I'm having trouble with my pictures. I don't know how to compress them.
  11. The Web saber belt has a keyhole slot to accept the hook on the scabbard of a cadet style saber.
  12. Do you have pictures of what you have? I'm not quite sure what you are describing.
  13. If I attached them correctly, these photos should show the breast plate front and back
  14. For the white shoulder saber belt, the two ends may be rolled and tucked under the prongs on the under side of the breast plate. Let me try to find an illustration.
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