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  1. I have been looking information about the Thompson M1 SMG (Not M1A1) and there appears to be very little information about this early model SMG. As far as i know the difference between these two is in the bolt and small difference in buttstock- are there any more differences? Also i can't find any information or photos about how widely were M1 SMGs used compared to the M1A1 model for example on D-Day. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Please note that english is not my mother language
  2. Hi !Does anybody know if double buckle boots were used in very small quanity on d day or is it not true?
  3. I think it does.If i put 1946 made m43 jacket to batle of bulge display its not 100% correct.Sorry but i just want it to be 100% right.
  4. This is a very stupid guestion but i ask it anyway.Is it possible that m43 jacket that is made in nov 29 1944 is used in battle of the bulge -i mean espessialy 101 ab in bastogne.Yust want to put my 101 mannequine to gether and want that everything would be correct.Thanks alot!
  5. Is this 34R M1941 jacket orginal? How much do orginal jackets usually cost?
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