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  1. Great helmet it is my favorite Experimental helmet. My late friend also had a liberty bell and model 2 experimental helmets. If I remember correctly I sold those to a collector in Germany.
  2. Hello. This is Kirby. If this is the same helmet it was in a late friends collection. I helped his wife sell his huge collection. I remember listing it on eBay with a $1500 reserve. The reserve was not met but I offered it to five or six bidders at $1250 and no one took It. I listed it a few months later and it sold between $1800 and $2000. Still a good price. There was a close to mint one at the SOS a few years with a $5000 asking price . Kirby
  3. Hello The shako is part of a very large collection I aquired. I have seen very few of these for sale. A dealer has one priced a $3500 and I found another one that sold for $3000++ at auction in 07.
  4. Thanks I will bid on it.
  5. Shoulfd of checked the photo before I loaded it.
  6. Hello The bell crown is an very good condition. I have two black pompoms, I'm going to include one when I move the shako. I found a bell shacko online with a yellow pompom.
  7. Hello Thanks for the information. I was thinking the USMA would be West Point, I hadn't even thought about the other schools. You can see the outline of a large shield so I need to check out some of the other schools and see what I can find. Thanks
  8. Here it is next to a bell crown shako. The eagle is the same pattern. The ends of the wings are broken off on the Bell crown shako. Kirby
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  10. ////////////////////////
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