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    Sydney, Australia
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    All military aviation history. I collect Wings, Badges, Patches, Books, etc. I have a nice collection of wings from around the world, mostly Australian (RAAF, RAN, AAAvn) and US (USAAF, USAF, USN, US Army). Have some unusual ones as well.
  1. Hi, Recent pick up from my travels that I would like some thoughts on. USN Aviator wing, 2.75in, pin back, hollowback, no hallmark, 'C' clasp. No 'berries' so pre-WW2? Any ideas on era &/or manufacturer? Cheers, AW.
  2. Hi Dale, I'll throw my two cents in. I would put my money on sweetheart wing. Why? 1) the wing is on the opposite side to all the other USN half wings I have seen, 2) it is silver, I personally have only ever seen them in gold. Having said this I am talking from a USN point of view, Have you considered that they may not be USN, but either forgein military or a civil airline company? Food food thought :think: Cheers, AW.
  3. Hi, Nice pick up, 1 inch Meyer US Navy Aviator Wing. Cheers, AW.
  4. Patrick/Cliff, Thank you for the feedback. It is a truely beautiful wing and very happy to include in my collection. What do you think about my NAO wing that I also posted? Cheers, AW.
  5. Hi, Another new pick up for my US Naval collection. Observer Wing, Vanguard hallmark, 2.75in, clutch back. 1930's era? (no berries). Thoughts? Cheers, AW.
  6. Hi, recent pick up for my US Naval collection. Meyer hallmarked aviator wing, 2.75in, pinback. Not sure on exact period (WWII?). Feedback most appreciated. Cheers, AW.
  7. Hi John, What about a nice KW era Naval Aviator Wing (Balfour) Cheers, AW
  8. Hi All, Recently acquired a ROTC Half wing to go with a full wing I had for years. Cheers, AW.
  9. Hi All, Thought I would add my 2 inch Liasion Pilot wing by Assman to the thread. Cheers, AW.
  10. Hi Guys, Have been reading this thread and thought I better add my 2 cents worth as 1) I am an Aussie, 2) I live in Australia, 3) am ex- military (Army), and 4) have been collecting Aust wings for a while. All Aust Military (Army- AAAvn Navy - RAN, Air Force - RAAF) have both Metal and cloth wings. I can post photos of all but that is against the forum rules. The RAAF first started using metal wings in about 1947/48 with the kings crown on top. Then when the Queen took the thrown in 1952-53? the crown was changed to the Queens crown, but not until 1954. I have only seen dated hallmarks from the late 1940's and 1950's, it appears that the dating was dropped after the 1950's. So, RAAF have been using metal wing from the late 1940's up to the present date. AW.
  11. Third is a WW2 Australian Army Rising Sun Badge.
  12. Second is RAAF Airman's Badge (1940's - 1950's)
  13. First picture is the back of an 1950's RAAF Navigators Wing.
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