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    Civil Air Patrol patches and insignia
  1. If you'ld like to sell or trade some of those, I'd be interested! The whole chronological history of CAP in the Milwaukee area is a real jumble, I've come to understand. One could wright a small book! Here is a patch forum readers might find interesting... This is a non-uniform patch, worn on civilian jackets and wind breakers from March 1968 to September 1970. It's pretty big, about 4" tall if I remember right.
  2. Ski- Thanks a lot for posting the Wisconsin patches! I've had the black "622" patch in my possesion for awhile now, and hadn't been able to identify it - really appreciate that! I've also neer seen the "Group 10" version of the LRT patch. How was it worn in relation to the "Tenth" LRT patch? I'll add some of your descrption to what I already have recorded on the website about the two patches I've been able to preserve. I'll add your scan of the third patch to the submissions section too, and give you credit - although I don't know your real name, heh. Believe it or not, I have one of the 1986 Flight Encapment patches also... although I unforutnately can't remember who I received it from in the mid-90s. I'm so happy to hear some story behind it, and would love to be able to document more of it in detail! Perhaps if you had some time, you could write up a bit more about the people and places for me to post on the website with the patch? My e-mail, if it's not on my profile somewhere, is: alamrcn@hotmail.com I'll have to post some patches here soon too, but don't have time today. Thanks for all the great contributions to this topic. -Ace
  3. DMD - thanks for the photos of the 60s patches... Any further information on the Squadron 3 patch? I have some incomplete history on the Flying Encampment activity that the 1968 patch is from, if you are interested. Here is the 1970 patch... Plus a really interesting backside... Jeff - You have some very nice pieces in that female uniform! I think the shirt has some production red shoulder straps or epaulets, but I can't tell for sure. Many were home made, like a lot WWII domestic items because of lack of money or materials or both. The shoulder patch has a white felt/wool triangle, something I've never seen. I have a couple that have a white triangle embroidered on a felt blue disk. Do you mind if I put it up on the CAP Patches website and give you credit? I'd need your name though, heh. That circular pin on the breast pocket flap is actually a garison (flight) cap badge, and it must have just been put there to avoid being lost. -Ace
  4. Sorry, I'm a little late finding this place... But I'm the webmaster of the CAP Patches website that Ken mentioned on Page 1 of this thread: http://www.incountry.us/cappatches/ And I certainly would like to try to help anyone here out when I can. However I am just the grasshopper to my master, Lee Ragan. He's the man that litterally "wrote the book" on CAP insignia. You might have come across a copy of his 1986 Collectors Catalog, now going for about $20 on eBay! Anyway, I'll try to remember to check this website out periodically - or certainly stop by the site, look around, and e-mail me if you need anything! Thanks for preserving our history! -Ace
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