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  1. In answer on your question, cutting the toos is an option, but mostly the instep is the problem, when you cut the heel, the problem is often resolved. Succes
  2. Hai, first congrats with the helmet, really unique and special. the trunk is aka as a USN MD unit trunk, see the att, nice to have both. regards from the Netherlands!
  3. Hai there, Time to show some off my collection, after moving to our new house a year ago, mostly everything is unpacked . Here some pics off parts of my collection. I started collecting more then 25 years ago, when I was 14. My first purchase was a marroon Airborne beret. After that my main interest was the Vietnam war. In those days in the Netherlands rare and highly priced. WW2 was not in my interest, because it was everywhere.... Now I have a nice militaria collection, focus on US WW2. Enjoy the pics, and any advise and questions are welcome! Dutchie
  4. Today, 65 years ago, operation Market-Garden started. In Nijmegen city we made this then and now display,today. More to come. Dutchie
  5. Hai, About your great uncles cammo shirts, a pair off these named and in mint condition, will be valuable. But what a colletor will pay?? Maybe 1000 $, can on ebay also be more. Can / will you post a picture again? Dutchie
  6. Great display, this way of showing Militaria / uniforms is quite unknown in Europe, really inspiring, something to create!
  7. Hi Steamer, Will make some pics this week from the boots, Dutchie
  8. Hello members, For the last weeks I enjoy the forum and de displays, am a new member. Here a small contribution from the Netherlands, I collect USMC items ww2, as you can see. This is a part off my collection. Dutchie
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