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  1. Picked these up from a close friend yesterday, detail is really amazing, cannons and gun are made of brass and metal, what should be wood like the full size originals is wood, just really frigging cool pieces
  2. Thanks, yes, I looked under the sweatband but it’s loose and I don’t want to damage the stitching but we’re I was able to look , no name Fritz
  3. Thanks to a good friend I was able to add this visor to my collection, great Luxembourg one too. Unfortunately no name that I could find
  4. Holy .... is that a BEAUTIFUL knife!! Congratulations wow just wow and the deal of the century too Fritz
  5. Thanks! Yea it took me a little bit to notice it to LOL
  6. Well I had a good mail call today, talk about a beautiful wing, tunic is kinda mothed on the sleeves and rank but at least those little pests stayed clear of the wing
  7. It is a nice group but a real bummer theres not a name, yes a nice sum for just the parts. Did anyone on here end up getting it?
  8. Fritz


    Thanks guys, cleared up my suspension on it, just something wasnt right Fritz
  9. Fritz


    Ok guys, I just don’t know what to make of it, I got this along with a grouping, my thoughts is it’s real and has been field modified, the group it came with had ties to French resistance behind the scenes stuff, sheath is pretty neat, the blade has definitely been modified for a more stiletto point. Thoughts
  10. Pretty cool! Doesnt surprise me that stuff is still there, when I was in Germany for Reforger in 1990 the site we were stationed was where an US unit was based in 45, there were still blankets and jerry cans laying in the woods and you could still see engraving on the trees that the GIs had done Fritz
  11. Wow, Jan 42, thanks, yes the stamp is 048. Much appreciated
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