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    My favorite items to collect are helmets and edged weapons. I've collected for 20+ years and if it's khaki, OD, camo, steel, wool or leather I'd probably by it! I mostly have collected WW2 but I have items from the Spanish American War to modern.
  1. Thanks! Not sure what the connection is between these Brit's and the Americans in all my other photo's? Again thank you for the excellent research and info on the battleship photo's. I'm going to see how large I can get them made and frame them. My "war room" might become a reality soon and I'm looking forward to putting up some photo's from this album. There are a couple photo's in the album similar to this one. It doesn't look like a military ship but there are soldiers putting buoy's in the water.
  2. I thought those guy's looked British Your guess is as good as mine as to why those photo's were in the album. Perhaps the creator of the album knew them somehow?? Could he have rotated to the same area those Brit's were stationed? The extra info of what was written on the Hong Kong pic does help. I never got any info on the history of the album when I received it but I always felt that the original owner was the only one who put stuff in it and it just wasn't random photo's put there from antique dealers. Too many of them show the same people and they seem to all point to the same location
  3. Here is the one of the officers(?) again but larger... I was wondering if the guy marked with an "X" might have something to do with the other guy's in the album? Are any of these guy's wearing an American uniform? Look British to me again.
  4. Here you go.. I'm still figuring out this resizing thing This is much clearer and the sign can be made out better. These guy's don't appear to be American do they?
  5. Geez! Only meant to edit the last one and not wipe out the other two! Will try again. This one has writing on the back I will post. There is an "x" underneath 1 person so I wondered if he is somehow connected with the album? Are these American or British uniforms? Back of above photo.
  6. Yes, there are still more photo's from this same album that I will also post There has been so much info everyone has given me on these photo's! I will now start putting that info to each pic now. I'm trying to get higher res and enlarging details in the photo's to get a close up of a unit number or a shoulder patch but no luck so far. There are 2 other photo's that I thought kind of out of place like the "bodies in the ravine" photo I will post... This one has writing on the back I will post. There is an "x" underneath 1 person so I wondered if he is somehow connected with the album?
  7. Here are the other photo's showing more of the disappearing gun or guns. Not sure if all photo's are of the same one or if these were in different batteries. Outstanding research from everyone!!
  8. Another shot of what might be the same gun as in the others I posted. Don't know if this shot might help to figure out the size. I have I think 2 more showing similar gun but have been unable to get photoshop to coroperate for some reason. Will post them ASAP. Thanks again for the awesome details everyone has provided!!
  9. The knowledge you guy's have on these photo's is amazing! Putting the names of locations, battery names, gun models and uniforms being worn makes these photo's even more amazing to me. There are still more in this album I'd like to post and see what everyones opinion on them is. I'm going to have some enlargements made of some of these and add the text to it now that I know what some of them are. You have all given me a ton of info I will need to start putting with the photo's so whoever get's them next won't be wondering about like I have! I thought this one was a nice shot of probably t
  10. Here are some that show a little (very little) more of the area around I guess most of the other photo's were taken. Most of the shots just don't show a lot of landscape. Sure wish someone would have written something on these photo's!
  11. Thanks for all the input! Sure makes the photo's even more interesting now that I'm learning something about them! I'm going through them to try to find shots that show more of the area they where in. Is that what would help the most? My computer is moving slower then molasas! I will post as soon I can.
  12. I wish my photo of the battleship was closer so we could know which one she is The other shot I have is of a 2 stacker. Would it be a destroyer? Could someone also tell me what type of uniform is being worn by the man on the far right. Is it the dress version of what the other guys have? I'm assuming they are all in the Coastal Artillery since most of the photo's seem to deal with the subject
  13. There are some other photo's in this album of some smaller coastal artillery piece's I'll post another...
  14. Thanks for the excellent tip RTFREY! I didn't even know I could do that in photoshop. Khaki
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