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  1. I have come across several of these Sharpshooter qualification bars attached to Army sharpshooter badges and sometimes expert or marksman badges. I do not see a sharpshooter bar listed in the reference material I have found that authorizes or even denotes the existence of this bar. Does this bar belong to another branch of the military or is it ROTC, military school, or a civilian shooting club bar?
  2. I think it could have come from a tie bar like this one. Not sure if this would be considered a homefront piece or a veteran’s organization piece.
  3. At first I thought it was initials like you see on many sweetheart items, but it appears to have been engraved more like a makers mark. There are 5 letters and that is odd for initials. Maybe Service Mens Family Welfare Service?
  4. I found this silver insignia of the Third Air Division at a gold dealer. It had been taken in as scrap silver. It is about 1 inch square and the back is engraved S.M.F.W.S. and SILVER at the bottom. My guess based on the enamel quality and construction is that this is WWII era when the Air Force was still part of the Army - sometime between 1943-1947. It is a little large for a charm so it may be a pendant. Does anyone know what the letters stand for? Is this a homefront / sweetheart item?
  5. This is a 7th Infantry Division DUI with no marks on the back. The enamel is crude. Can anyone provide info on where it was made or the era it is from. (It has two posts)
  6. So, it could be a US military item with the blade produced in Canada, the scabbard made in Britain and then issued to the Indian Army. (I'm not sure if discussing this is allowed. The general might stick his head in and gig us all and then we will be peeling internet potatos for the duration.)
  7. Thank you. That is real evidence. Not just a Google image search, which by the way will turn up at least five different attributions of this scabbard to various countries and all either do not have a machette or have the wrong machette. One even has a German bayonet pictured with the scabbard. Lock away. Can't lock anything down fast enough if its not US.
  8. Possibly. No one seemed to know. Couldn't find another one like it.
  9. Stewarts Military Shop sold one and tenatively identified it as British, but in their description it says they were not sure. Others have messaged me (because the topic was locked) saying it is In fact US.
  10. Thanks for the opinions. Now I'm getting info that it is actually US, but the topic is locked. Someone says foreign and bam - locked - get out of here. Now that there are 4 opinions on the origin (Canadia, British, Indian, US) does anyone have some supporting evidence?
  11. Leather case with belt loop. No evidence of lettering that I can see. Stamped GDC1944 CM877 (The letters are a guess as they are not very clear) Measures 14 inches long with additional 3" belt loop for a total length of 17". 3" wide at the bottom, and 2" wide at the top. About 1/4" wide inside. It might have held a knife blade or slide ruler, but nothing thicker. Number 13 stamped on the belt loop. Well worn. This thing has seen a lot of use. Guesses: Load adjuster case? belt loop? Machete case? blunt end?
  12. Found this leather patch in a box of military stuff I bought. Has anyone ever seen one like it? It is not perfectly round, but rather crudely made. The other one is a leather captain's bars.
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