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  1. Bumping this with a photo of Private Force that was uploaded by a member of his family. His medals came with a pair of jump wings that I did not believe belonged with the group but it appears he was at least jump qualified. I will have to get Private Force’s file to shed further light on what were his qualifications.
  2. I don't really have much to add beyond what has already been said, but I have to say even as a UF grad I am happy to see FSU taking care of important stories like James Ryan. Even a Gator in this case will say Go Seminoles!
  3. Here’s a photo of a 97th Division Staff Sgt I have in my collection, I think I have some more photos I’ll have to try to find.
  4. In this case it would mean that the medic markings were applied Post-WWII, in my opinion at least. It’s possible that they are from the Late-WWII period, but unlikely. The helmet shell itself could have been used during WWII and refurbished for Post-WWII use.
  5. In the other thread I was one of the ones who was incorrectly concerned that the seller may have been a faker. I was incorrect and regret that thread causing any question about this helmet because it is entirely original, albeit Post-WWII in my opinion. The helmet appears to have been used in Korea or perhaps even later, and assuming that the liner is original the remanants of an ID appears to be an “RA” number that would indicate Post-WWII use.
  6. If Scott says their not Jamie’s it’s because he has handled a number of his fakes and can recognize patterns in his fakes. While I initially had belief that this may have had something to do with Jamie, I trust him that it is not and fully admit I was wrong. I also believe that he doesn’t know created them, for one they could turn out to be original, but also because knowing for certain that it is Jamie’s does not mean he knows who the John Doe that may have produced a fake is/was. Scott is always transparent with his knowledge and there is no reason to think he is hiding something.
  7. For comparison the best close-up I can find of the known Kashetta 88th:
  8. That is certainly quite suspicious.
  9. I certainly respect that you wish to avoid letting it end up in someone else’s hands, but by raising the alarm that something isn’t right you’ve already done enough. Get your money back; it’s not your responsibility to let someone get away with fraud on you just to keep their wares off the market.
  10. I totally agree with Grant, the style of photo had me feeling like there was something familiar about the medic lid, but when I saw the 88th lid I immediately realized that this was probably Jamie’s newest alias to separate the unsuspecting from their money. I could be wrong but my gut immediately said this was Jamie and if I were you I would send the 88th lid back ASAP.
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