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  1. It looks different from the one that I had that was from the 1930's but I think yours looks fine
  2. The only to awards that he had that fit between the Army DSM and the Silver Star were the Navy DSM and the Legion of Merit.
  3. The number 1 "unidentified" ribbon is always the VFW Membership ribbon
  4. These were used until about 1992 if I recall correctly
  5. I don't think Pakistan existed as a state until later so maybe this is Turkish? That might make more sense with the possible Rumanian award
  6. DakotaDave nailed it. This one is a pre-1970s contract medal, not a 1990's contract medal.
  7. No, not at all. Medals and decorations are a representation of a serviceman's time in the military and a way to recognize their actions. I don't care if the medal is a purple heart or a medal of honor. They are just medals, no different than any other from any other country in the world. Lets not get carried away and come up with mythology around them.
  8. Could be Ed Pereia Inc, from Foster RI
  9. As a 20+ year collector I have to agree with the seller. With 6,000,000 people in uniform in WW2 there isn't much of a reason to keep uniform groupings together unless there is a historically significant event involved. As an anthropology major with an interest in museum studies I realize that there are good intentions out there but there's no way to keep everything together.
  10. On many uniforms it is the ribbon for the Association of Military Surgeons
  11. Split brooches on post WW2 campaign medals shouldn't exist
  12. Most of the advanced collectors of medals are members of OMSA. I think there are quite a few who aren't members here and they try to focus their support on its website. I do notice that collectors these days seem to be more secretive whereas in the past there used to be members directories but now there aren't
  13. The Navy still awards medals and decorations less often than the other services, but I guess I don't mind too much when I see army and air force personnel with full chests of awards after 20 years. A Chief on my first ship only had 6 ribbons and his highest award was a meritorious unit commendation when he retired.
  14. Wouldn't it be nice if there was as much quality now? I am constantly disappointed when I see modern medals.
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