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    st wienersburg, florida [st pete]
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    used to collect patches mostly more into antique tools and machinery now but still like to dabble in the militaria, its just so damned interesting. i keep really weird and unique stuff but usually trade off or sell items that i'm not really interested in keeping.I like seeing militaria get back to its home if I can, so many people retire here to florida from everywhere and its kinda neat to see the stuff sometimes make it back to its home state.I also build custom shallow water dive helmets from old tanks, milk cans, you name it. Also always looking for any mkv dive knives and parts, any condition to buy or trade.I also make custom dive knives very loosely based on the mKV'S lol.

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  1. I own the Henry Coston sword that was made by Ames and was discussed a while back. I paid 1k. Has a damage grip, repaired star. The scabbard is nickel silver, not plated. ( Or German silver, or nickel alloy, whatever you wanna call it. I'll try to post some pics of the details this week.
  2. Wasn't there a set of dog tags too?
  3. I was the second bidder on that on eBay a while back, my phone timed out! Lol I've never seen one like it either.
  4. I have one dated 1944,all the ones I see on the net are dated 45. Are the early ones tougher to find?
  5. Cool, now I have another brain to pick on Nam era coast guard patches! Lol. I'm always I retested in Nam era and earlier coast guard diver patches and anything. Glad to see another "Piney" on here. I'm originally from Berlin NJ.
  6. I bought the uniform from a forum member. I think his name is Justin and he must have a damned gazillion navy uniforms! Lol. He puts on some really interesting stuff
  7. I.meant evidence of the previous divers badge was under the crow on the Left sleeve
  8. I think it might still be him, it was a converted wwii jacket to 6 button from 8. I believe it has a recruiters lozenge under the crow and a master diver speciality on the right sleeve. Under the crow on the right sleeve you can see where there used to be a diver speciality. I think that may have been a first class badge. Its speculation but I do know he became a master diver after he got back and I believe he went on to set some depth records. It just has the last name inside and spelled correctly unlike I just did, lol. I can't find any other Mcculough that was a master diver during that tim
  9. That's cool! I have a chiefs jacket (MDV, 1st class diver at the time)that I believe may have belonged to George Mcculough who is on your survivors list. Many of the divers were forced by the Japanese to bring up the silver that was dumped in the bay before they were sent to internment in Japan. There's a good book about it, the title escapes me at the moment, but I think it was called something like " The Silver secret of Caballo bay" that book may provide more insights on your guy.
  10. Older ones are good. I especially look for wwii or earlier but like them all up through Nam. There isn't a lot if competition buying them when they turn up, but I've had to pay a few bucks for the older ones if they are submarine salvage.
  11. By the way, guys, I don't collect medals per say, thought I do have some groupings with medals. Once this door gets opened, it can restrict all kinds of things down the road, That's not what this country is about.( Or at least used to be. While I can understand the sentiment behind people imagining a medal that belonged to their loved ones that's sold being a sad thing, they should consider taking the time to research the other side. I have seen thoroughly researched PH's and other medals posted on this forum with honor and dignity and incredible research that allows one to really get a better
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