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    I collect militaria from the 11th Century up. Specializing in American Civil War and WW2. Especially AAF and the common grunt.

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  1. Vietnam era in-country made 18th MP Bde. brassard.
  2. 1950's era KyNG brassard worn by Sgt. Steve York, nephew of MoH winner Sgt. Alvin York. Steve was a tank gunner in the Ky NG in the late 50's.
  3. A few of mine. 8th MP Bde. Korean made. Direct embroidered patch and writing.
  4. Here's my 3 cats as well as my uncle's stuff listed in another thread. My uncle's stuff: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/203100-pfc-john-r-finster-801st-td-bn/
  5. Discharge, note his wound date is Nov. 20th, but it's listed in the Bn AAR as the 19th.
  6. Wish this was mine, but it sold before I had the funds to get it! Hand made pillow cover from the 801st in chinille
  7. Uniform (I made this up from all original parts plus his patches and ribbons.
  8. A few photos of him in England, France, Belgium, and Germany.
  9. A little grouping of stuff from my uncle Pfc. John Russel Finster. Russel was born March 24th, 1911 in Roanoke, West Virginia. He was a farm hand on his father's farm. He married and was expecting a daughter when he left for Ft Hood in September of 1943. Arriving in England in March of 1944, his unit would stay in Southern England near Chudleigh attatched to the 4th Infantry Division. Arriving in France on June 13th, 1944, his company would follow the 4th into it's drive inland. Russel fought through Normandy, Northern France, and Central Europe before being wounded on Nov. 19th, 1944 by shra
  10. My little contribution. Part of a cap tally from the USS Ranger (CV-4). First ship in the US Navy to be built from the keel up as an aircraft carrier. Of the 8 pre-war carriers, Ranger was one of only 3 to survive the war, and the only one never to have engaged Japanese forces in battle. Fins...
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