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  1. Thought I would bring this back to the top as it will be the 71st anniversary of this historic flight on 11JUN. Don't want or heroes to be forgotten. Ben
  2. middle patch is the 336th Bomb Squadron
  3. Does anybody recognize this patch? Thank you , Ben
  4. Was filing a few things way and thought other might appreciate this. Ben
  5. Was filing a few things way and thought other might appreciate this. Ben
  6. Thought I would see if anyone recognizes this patch. Thank you, Ben
  7. Thank you so very much for the identification. I thought it was a fighter squadron but you never know. Sounds like these guys had it really rough. Thanks Again. Ben The 356th Fighter Group flew 413 missions between 15 October 1943 and 7 May 1945 and suffered the highest ratio of losses to enemy aircraft claims of any Eighth Air Force Group. This gave the Group the reputation of being the 'hard luck' outfit. The Group was awarded a Distinguished Unit Citation for its support of the airborne invasion of Holland in mid September 1944.
  8. I acquired this patch it a group of patches on ebay. I know it is a aviation unit but which one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ben
  9. This photo speaks volumes to me. He must have been quite proud of his work.Ben
  10. I flipped the mess kit so it could be read easier. His name is on the cover of the mess kit. Ben
  11. Estate sale fresh from combat soldier WW1 tags and personalized mess kit. Also came with a German Army folding fork and spoon inside . Ben
  12. I have this same patch. It is a USAF patch and is from the mid 1950's and is associated with pilot training. Unfortunately my patch and its id are at me other home. So I cannot dig it out and give you specifics on it right now. Hopefully someone else with recognize it and have the details for you. If not when I return to my other home I will try to find mine . Ben
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