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  1. Now finished apart from adding the fire and safe on the fire box at the back.
  2. I have read that the once Aberdeen proving ground tank museum has been moved to Fort Lee, is this a museum that can be contacted to make an enquiry from a member of the public? If so are there any web site details to contact their archives.
  3. Reading the Rocket TM manuals, the rocket motors usual burn out before they have left the tube so you don't see a smoke trail from launcher to target. Because of the low velocity of the rocket you can just about see the rocket in flight to target. If the rockets are cold during firing then the rocket is still burning out passed the tube causing blast back which would be unpleasant to the firer, If the rocket is left in the hot sun and the motor is warmed up to around or over 120f then the rocket motor burns faster to a point that the motor bursts if it gets hotter, hence the reason for the wi
  4. More Picture, when its finished I will post again and add it to my M1A1 Saving Private Ryan bazooka one of 6 made for the film set, Just need a M9 to finish the wartime series of rocket launcher examples from WW2 may be add a M18 recoilless which wont happlen as the prices for these are stupid money. Due to picture resizing some pictures are a little distorted but all parts are made exact to original copied.
  5. Thought I show the progress of my M1 bazooka, not much to do most bits are made ready to fit apart from odd sizes I need to work out. This bazooka is the very early type with square trigger guard and ambi sights for left or right handed users. Funny how there are so many variants of sights and small features on just the M1 itself. The original M1 I copied from was an original M1 but modified to M1A1 spec removing the fire box only replacing with 20 inch banding and contact banding etc plus a grip sling swivel.
  6. Could it be possible to help me out on a couple of sizes which i some how missed out on the fire box, the Fire and Safe tag on the side of the box, the hole in the side of the fire box where the conduit enters, and how far apart are the screw on the top centre to centre that holds the box cover in place.
  7. Robinb do you still have your M1.
  8. Looks like the light grey finish is a zinc phosphate not a manganese one. A manganese not only is darker but would also show the temper mark 2-3 inches at the front of the slide where the slide was heat treated and tempered. Great bit of kit what ever, don't get any opportunities to own or shoot such a fantastic bit of history here in the UK only for the socialist left who take such things away from us. Glad i spent 20 years as a UK pistol shooter to own and shoot such great guns.
  9. The M1 bazooka with fire box at the back were converted to a M1A1 spec to fire the more reliable rockets than the original which had a contact band on the outside of the rocket. Apparently these fell off and were unreliable during combat.
  10. Thanks Robinb much apreaciated.
  11. Building or should i say finishing of a long overdue project, a M1 bazooka with the square fire box at the back and the two handle grips with the sight is ambidextrous, as a bazooka I find this the best of the bunch, comfortable to hold with a sight system that allows both left and right handed shooters to use it, unfortunately the early rocket system needed improving as it wasn't that reliable. The Bazooka I copied was donated to a Dorset museum here in the UK just after the war and ended up at the Army museum Chelsea London. A funny bunch who let me copy it for measurements but wouldn't
  12. Any one could recommend someone who can match the quality of an original, may be WPG or WW2 Impressions.
  13. Who does the best repro A class enlisted mans jacket. I had a mint original which fitted but sold it years ago, doubt i will find a nicer one. Not sure how the repros arre these day. Any one have any idears.
  14. An old post can anyone help still.
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