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    Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).
  1. Baron, Just wanted to point out that earliest DCUs have baggy lower pockets while later DCUs have flat pockets. So in this case, I dont believe shops really intended to make all sleeve pockets flat. They just move pockets. Note that DCU appears to be early heavy cotton type. Need to see date tag on that DCU to be certain.
  2. Sorry Cap, I concur with Redleg. The suspension and pads are brand new. Someone converted the surplus helmet outside military. Matts, thats one good example of real USAF issued upgraded K-pot.
  3. IMHO, Just a veteran or wannabe who volunteered to fight in Ukraine. Not official US. Military used. Or there is always a possibility that it is a put together top.
  4. I own few modified tigers and have seen many different reference pictures of SOF guys wearing them. But I have a mixed feeling about this one. I do not like patches on it. Just like others, I suspect that patches were added for veteran parades or events. The patches look practically brand new or otherwise unworn. The real question is when was this top modified? If it was modified in duration of vets service and was used in deployment, then awesome. Just take off Velcro patches and pins from the top and boonie hat, then store them in bag. If its modified after veterans service, its fa
  5. Pic of Marines Force Recon with tiger stripe for OPFOR.
  6. What do you mean, post war? There is no post war yet! The chin straps are brand new and pads are very clean if not brand new too. Id pass.
  7. To answer OPs question about the helmet, we need photos of inside the helmet but overall, it looks freshly painted and Velcro freshly applied. Not enough scratches/wears on top of dome and edges. NVG mount need to have many paint chipping from putting on/taking off arm. In conclusion, it could be airsofter customized or faked for collectors. The very fat chance is it was a real operators extra helmet that was used once or twice then sat in duffel bag for entire time, but youd need provenance to prove it.
  8. You guys who underestimated airsoft, have no idea about airsoft and the threat they presented to the OEF/OIF collectors. For fact, they do everything they can to obtain REAL stuff including actual ballistic helmets and plates, and real NVG mounts. Why wouldnt they use real mounts? They even would wear flotation vests for their NSW impression and they are nowhere near water. They would have SPIE or rappelling harness when they dont have helicopters. They would wear ultra rare gear that is easily worth $800. They would paint ACH and it can be very difficult to tell between its airsofter or
  9. Back to the topic: A photo showing Marines in British DPM suit.
  10. Who made up the "rule of thumb" that the Marines do not wear elastic bands on their helmets??? I've seen plenty of photos of Marines with them, including the ones Nkomo provided. Some had it, some didn't. Here is another evidence that they DID have elastic bands. Subtitle from the image: "Marines from the 3rd Battilion, 6th Marines fire a 60mm mortar during a live fire exercise, 11 january 1991 in the desert of Saudi Arabia as part of the 'Operation Desert Shield'. US Secretary of State James Baker who is visiting.." https://www.gettyimages.no/detail/news-photo/marines-from-the-3rd-battil
  11. Why continue the speculating? What Allan and Nkomo said; they are US troops. There was a shortage of MOPP suits so they were issued British suits in DPM camouflage pattern. They are Americans. Subtitle and source for the image below: Feb. 25, 1991:American troops guard Iraqi prisoners of war during the ground campaign of Operation Desert Storm. Source: Christopher Morris, Getty Images, Department Of Defense, The LIFE Picture Collection
  12. Wow outstanding. What kind of glue did you use to keep sand in place?
  13. First is a piece for Gregory rucksack, part of SPEAR system. The two DCUs are NSW mods. Nice finds.
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