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  1. Fantastic stuff Owen! Thanks for sharing. That’s the shirt with the pattern like your flight suit. We talked about it somewhere years ago. I don’t remember where but it wasn’t in this thread I think? It’s much more faded but definitely the same pattern. There are no signs of any stamps but a Japanese factory made garment for sure. Wonder if this may was an early test run or just produced in small quantities parallel with the common classic cuts?
  2. Awesome 1st pattern uniforms! they look definitely experimental.
  3. I always thought the models with the bit more grayish buttons and the green pocket lining etc. are the earlier ones? Very interesting! Really looking forward to see more stuff!! Thanks, Mike
  4. That's dope!! Thanks again for posting! I think I have also seen a 8 piont cover with the tag before!? Also very interesting to see the Far East Command contract number on the tag DA-92-321-FAC-2545, similar FAC contracts has been assigned for earlier tigers too. I got a new set just dated a couple weeks after it when the production for this particular model was already online.
  5. Yes Guy I can see! I think his one is sewn with 100% cotton but I'm not sure? A burn test might be the best idea? Do you know who reproduced this early tiger stripe pattern? Mike
  6. Thank you Owen and Guy for taking the time and posting all this beauties! That’s very interesting Guy!? Your one look indeed very similar to Zirni’s except for some small points! As far I can see it is also made from the same early tiger pattern (JWS). Does the rear have the same double needle stitch as well?
  7. Guy, I completely agree with you. I have never seen a similar one and I also hat some serious doubts about it but they quickly disappeared after I got it in my hands. After all I am pretty much convinced that this one must be the real deal? Maybe I am wrong but I would buy it all day long?
  8. Odd, unusual and never seen before but it definitely looks Japanese made to me. I like your boonie very much Zirni
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