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  1. Thanks for starting this thread about the books of CB Colby. I could recall reading these books years ago but forgot who wrote them. Looking forward to seeing some of the images from these books when you get the time.
  2. Thanks for posting pictures of your wheel chock. I have one also and the handle is stamped Western Electric.
  3. Thanks for posting pictures of your MP collection. That is a nice looking Ford you have. My Dad had a 57 Chevy much like the one in your earlier photo. Was just 6 cylinder three speed but fun to drive. I have some items from a WWII eighth Corp MP. I enjoyed seeing your collection!
  4. Thanks Laurent M. for sharing your photos. the pictures of the inside of the church reminded me of a painting called Sanctuary by AAron Bohrod. This painting depicts GI's huddled in a church at Berdorf, Luxembourg during the Battle of the Bulge. I also enjoyed the vehicle photos also!
  5. Ken Thanks for posting the photo of the bunker and barracks. Is interesting to see these places which were once a hub of activity during wartime now quite an peaceful. Great to see the photos of the vehicles also!
  6. Thanks for posting the photos. Those GMC's trucks lined up in a row sure have tall bows and canvas. I have seen this before and thought it might be so more people could be hauled while standing up. Just a guess though.
  7. Thanks for posting images of the reference book you have. A long time ago a friend gave me several photo copied pages showing patches. Looks like this is the book it was copied from. A very good reference. Thanks again!
  8. Hello General Apathy Thanks for the link of pictures of your friends truck. That GMC will Turn heads where ever it goes! Thanks for your interest in the 6X4 CCW I own. Best I can offer for now is a link to a event I attended. Please view the 08 Salute to the troops slide show for a few shots of the truck. http://www.vetswear.com/ Perhaps someday you will find another GMC to own. Good luck with your projects!
  9. General Apathy; Just a few words of thanks for your reports from Normandy. It is a pleasure to see the sites I have read and heard stories about. Good luck with your projects.
  10. Thanks to all who posted information about Camp Crowder. I have always been interested to learn more about this place. A few years ago I bought a 1942 Chevy truck that has "Camp Crowder" stenciled on the door.
  11. Thanks General Apathy for sharing memories of your early collecting days. I too recall a very tall female clerk keeping a eye on me while I checked out the piles of leggings and WWI helmets at the surplus store. Hard to believe that was nearly 40 years ago. My Dad got me started collecting when he gave me the items he had brought back. A neighbor of mine also passed on many items he had collected to me which led me to get a copy of Doughboy to GI. Good luck to all with your projects
  12. Thanks for posting the pictures of your Jimmy. I like all the details like the patches on the driver and the guy riding shotgun. The sign is great too.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to share items from your collection. The jacket from PFC Gibeault which had the 29th and 69th patches reminded me of a story my Father has told me a few times. Dad was in B-104 medical which was attached to the 116th. After the war as higher point 29th men were sent home soldiers from the 69th Division arrived at Bremerhaven to wait with the 29ers for their turn to go home. Good luck with your projects! 42GMCCCW USA
  14. Hi 517 Thanks for taking the time to go through your collection and sharing it. It is much appreciated! Since you own a WWII Cushman and Airborne printed material just wondering if you may have run across any reference to Cushmans being used in Sicily,Italy by the 82nd? Thanks. Dave C.
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