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  1. Owen, River Patrol will be out of the country on government business for awhile. He will try to check in if he can.
  2. Owen, the Hachet Forces were considered part of SOG. They are present day members of the SOA. Hachet Forces duties did not require them to run missions into Cambodia or Laos, except on a few occasions. I agree with Paul that your jacket is 100% authentic period but probably belonged to a Hachet Force member.
  3. ERDL camo jacket worn in camp with shorts.
  4. Another photo of wearing of jungle jacket with added shoulder sleeves worn in camp.
  5. OD jungle jacket with "A POS" above pocket. Not worn in the field in this image.
  6. OD jungle jacket with sleeve pockets. Not in the field.
  7. Paul, you are right about the Hachet Forces using ERDL camo uniforms. I have many photographs of Hachet Force personnel wearing ERDL camo, tiger stripes, and OD jungle jackets, all on operations in Vietnam or in camp. As you stated, these forces were confined to operations within Vietnam and rarely went cross border. One obvious exception is Operation Tailwind of course.
  8. Interesting points guys, but I am still waiting for that photograph of ERDL camo being worn "over the fence". I also have plenty of photographs of men wearing the blood and allergic strips in the field, so that is not an issue with me. Until I find a photograph of ERDL being worn in the field by SOG or until someone like Tilt Meyers tells me he knows for sure that it happened, I will remain skeptical.
  9. Owen, here is a photograph of a man wearing an erdl camo uniform similar to yours. However, he is not preparing for a mission but is in camp. You will also notice that he is wearing a black baseball cap. metal rank insignia on his collars, and ID cards attached to his pockets. Definitely a jacket worn in camp. I'm sure Spike would agree that he is wearing it in case he becomes drunk, falls on his face, and pukes all over himself.
  10. Owen, I do not know what a SF operator is. However, some Special Forces personnel that were not in SOG did wear ERDL in the field, but I still can not find any evidence of ERDL in wear by SOG in the field.
  11. Bob, I will be the first one to agree that one must never say never about anything done in Vietnam. However, after looking at thousands of photographs and interviews with hundreds of SOG veterans, I can find no information about ERDL worn in the field. I have images of ERDL worn in camp. I can only conclude that wearing ERDL "over the fence" was not done. It may have but at this point I would need a photograph to change my mind. I am not sure why everyone is offended by the term "camp" jacket. Every SOG jungle jacket with a team patch or bomb burst patch on it is a "camp" jacket, for these we
  12. No one is saying the jacket is not real. However, it is posted as an ERDL SOG jungle jacket. Maybe it is. I am still waiting for someone to post an image of an ERDL jacket worn by a SOG member in the field ("over the fence"). I will post photographs of this type jacket worn in camp. Anyone that believes something because you "can not disprove it" needs to take a refresher course in the scientific method.
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