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  1. The Duffie Bag surplus store outside of JBLM has a few of those.
  2. https://thecmp.org/wp-content/uploads/Carbine_30_Round_Magazines_September_2007.pdf This is an older article but still valid and those markings are not in there.
  3. I've had several of those that came on CMP rifles and every one was a Greek return. I've had a couple that were stenciled on the upper hand guard that were more than likely U.S. rack numbers. I don't have them any longer or I would post a photo of what they looked like. After the war we sent thousands of rifles around the world and a lot of those have come back via the CMP. The Greek returns hit around the 90's if I remember correctly. Not saying yours isn't some type of U.S. marking but just be aware the Greeks marked their stocks that way.
  4. I'm going to shoot you a PM. I have a few I'm thinking of selling. I'm just north of you.
  5. When I was stationed on Ft. Lewis I used to have to go to the Yakima Firing Center for weeks on end out in the field. I was a communications guy so we would get put on a ridge top and given several cases of C-rats to eat for three meals a day. We would always watch where the Rangers would drop in and go track them down to swap C rats for LRRPS. The got tired of eating those just like we got tired of C's. I don't remember them being so bad and they made a nice change.
  6. I believe those are 50/70 Remington Rolling Blocks. If you search under US Army rolling blocks you will see plenty of examples. https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Remington_Rolling_Block_rifle
  7. Those are interesting. The high eagle helmet shields, depending on the city, had stopped being used in the late 50's early 60's and then they went to the shorter ones seen today. I don't collect shields but I wouldn't mind finding one of those. I'll bet they aren't many around and they bring in big dollars.
  8. That's interesting because in the fire service a single bugle denotes a Lt. That is also what is know as a high eagle shield because of the length of it. I would have liked to seen the helmet it came off of. NYFD has a historian or at least I would expect a department that size to have one and they also have a museum. Have you contacted them to find out more about it?
  9. I've been collecting and selling Garands for a long time. When I was in Jr, High (no middle school then) you could pick one up for under $100. I think DCM was selling them for around the same price. 6 years ago I had a co-worker approach me with a WRA wanting me to sell it for him. My jaw dropped when I saw it. It was the only unmolested, untouched, as issued Garand I have ever seen from any maker. The previous owner was a Army Officer during WW2 and was given the rifle as a presentation piece. It went into a safe and stayed there until he died and my friend was given it to sell. I sen
  10. Since the military is banned from using hollow points and has been for a long time my guess is they are commercial bullets that someone reloaded. It's tough to tell by the photos but to me the crimp does not look as crisp as it should which could be from running the case through a resizing die. The last photo almost looks like they weren't crimped at all due to the space around the bullet and the case. Like I said, the photos are tough to tell and I am just basing it on my reloading experience. Someplace I have some 30 carbine with similar bullets that were reloaded in the 60's by someone
  11. Looking through Canfield's book that does look like a WRA stock but the go to guy is Rick Borecky. If you do FaceBook he frequents the M1 Garand sites and will tell you yes or no.
  12. I remember when Ernst Hardware was selling them here for $50 each. I was to young to buy one and tried to get my dad to but he wouldn't. He was a WW2 & Korean war vet and hated that firearm for some reason.
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