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  1. Since these were used as training weapons (primarily by the Navy), there was no need for a holster. The military manuals for these guns do not mention a holster.
  2. Given the SN, wooden grips and adjustable sights it is a commercial gun from about 1947 or 1948. The USA Model H-D only went up to about 144000.
  3. More from the same source: "There is however some controversy because this ammo also turned up in the 1960s as clandestine supplies to CIA backed insurgents in Central and South America. Some say that it was not made in 1944 at all but in the late 1950s with a false date. I am sure it actually dates from 1944, but whether a fresh batch was made later to confuse or it was simply that there was a suitable anonymous headstamp left over from the war I do not know." I'm not sure anyone knows for sure when this ammo was manufactured or for whom.
  4. From the International Ammunition Association Forum: This was made In Canada, during WW II, by Defence Industries Ltd, the only Canadian maker of Boxer-primed Non-corrosive ammo during WW II (machinery and technology supplied by Dominion CIL, the major commercial maker of sporting ammo in Canada before and aftert WW II.) This ammo was originally planned to be Covert ammo supplied to both the European and Asian Theatres, along with "clean" Sten Guns and 7,92 Brens (Stens by Long Branch, Brens by J.Inglis); the ammo bears dates of 43 and 44 (Known), maybe 42 as well. As the game pla
  5. Very nice example. Thanks for posting the pictures.
  6. Most in that SN range went to GOs but they were popular for any and every role other than combat--couriers, embassy personnel, OSS, MIC, CIC, Navy Intel.... Thousands went to the British (many never issued).
  7. The records show: 567058---- 3/5/65----------------- BG Thurston T. Paul, Jr. 567060---- 5/14/53--------------------------- BG C. Warden Missed it by a hair.
  8. Not collectible and there are better shooters if that is what you are looking for. The frame you describe is a Colt and the slide is an Ithaca and it should be parkerized as others have noted.
  9. kwill


    Google works: https://aem.asm.org/content/aem/3/2/86.full.pdf
  10. Fascinating! Do you mind sharing the serial number? You may want to consider getting a letter from Colt Archives to see where/when it shipped originally.
  11. IMHO, the market for authentic NRA marked guns is much stronger than the equivalent gun without the marking--2x to 3X in fact.
  12. Sure. The trigger is easy but the barrel and MSH will to hard to find and expensive. Watch the auction sites and be patient.
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