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  1. I have a field telephone with the 6th Marine Division UNIS markings on it.
  2. Dad was in the 6th Marine Division. I have 2 of his uniforms. One when he was in radio school without the 6th Division patch but it has the radio waves patch on the sleeve, and a later one with the 6th Division patch . Dads has a black leather belt.
  3. My dads WW2 6th Marine Div. uniform has a black leather belt.
  4. I have my dads knife and scabbard. The maker on dads was PAL. Dad was also in the 6th Marine Division. Its good to see knives that were from the 6th Marine Division.
  5. Dad was issued this knife in 1944. Back in 1961 my brother and I were throwing it at a tree watching it stick into the tree. On the last throw the blade broke off about an inch . Recently I found a Pal knife like it on ebay with a good blade but the handle was messed up. I bought it and a friend of mine cut the tip off the ebay knife and welded it on dads knife. He did a great job restoring dads knife where it looks like nothing ever happened to it...even matching the patina of the blade. If you would like to see a picture go to my old post and scroll down to Dads WW2 knife and take a look. I had to get a guy on the forum to post the pic because I never could get the pic to post for me.
  6. Found my dads WW2 green USMC tunic in an old cedar chest. This was his coat he wore while in radio school. It has the radio waves patch on the sleeve. I also have his later USMC green wool coat with the 6th Marine Division patch on the sleeve.
  7. There are alot of fakes out there so be careful. It would be best to buy a dug buckle to make sure it is a real one. They start about $250.00 and go up.
  8. Get a container like a metal tub. fill it with water. Put the cannonball in the water. Get a car battery charger...the slow trickle type not the big fast charge type. With a round object the problem is getting the possitive cable lead to clip on the round cannoncall. But the possitive battery charge clip goes on the rusted object the negative clip goes on the metal tub the object is in. Pour a fairly large amount of table salt in the water. plug the battery charger in and let it do its rust removal for several hours. the rust will come off.
  9. I am looking for dads WW2 boot camp SA Garand serial 1007815. I have checked with CMP they haven't seen it. There was one about 35 numbers off that was a Greek Garand. I'm thinking it might have gone there. Still looking but need help. Thanks
  10. Great looking coat and wife too I might add
  11. Ok there is a faded US on the front of one of the pockets. So I guess means it was not for the Marines. Did Boyt make belts with a Boyt 45 stamp on them for the Army. Also I have a chance to keep this ammo belt or trade it for a nice Burlinton Mills 1942 ammo belt. This other belt has a strong US stamp on the front and you can read the maker and date. It is the solid color green type. Whice one would be best to keep. I kinda like the look of the two tone one .
  12. Did Boyt make a M1 ammo belt that has a lighter color on the belt with a darker color on the 10 pouch flaps . I have a ammo belt that the maker is faded but it looks like maybe Boyt 45. Could this be correct? the belt pockets does not have the devider straps inside each pocket that devides the 03 clips. The regular M1 garand clips fit perfectly. the snaps are all marked Klikit Pull with a star between klikit and Pull. It also has the pot metal front buckle.
  13. Can someone tell me when the front buckle of the 10 pouch ammo belt changed from brass to a kind of gray metal. I have one that has the brass on one side and the gray metal on the other. Is this correct?
  14. Is there a place to click on to see the different makers of a M1 Garand ammo belt? I have one dated 1942 but cant read all of the makers name.Looks like S. F----ign co.
  15. The book Engebi is a very good book written by a man that was on the USS Electra a troop carrying and supply ship. The man that wrote the book was in the US Navy and tells of his experiences during the war and while he was on Engebi Island in the Pacific during WW2. If anyone might want to read or get a copy of this book I can give you the mans name and number. Engebi Island was one of the Islands in the Enewetok Atol .
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