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  1. And only 18 miles from my house!!
  2. Don't see the Jeep lined up with the Hot Rods!!..Was Mr Sparks out there??...
  3. Been trying to find any info on this jacket without success,i know there is not much to go on but any help would be appreciated...517th
  4. A visit from an old 517th vet friend of mine who came to inspect my collection...Long gone now R.I.P. Lt. Danny Harris
  5. A Bastogne resident with an original Bastogne signpost...This was maybe 15 years ago
  6. ID'd 507th Jump Jacket....517th
  7. Hello Mr Landing: So you are still looking and collecting then,amazing to see that there's still stuff out there,very nice..517th
  8. Three jump jackets one 82nd re-enforced,one named to a 507th trooper and one very much used and worn..517th
  9. Been digging through my collection looking for something else and came across this little beauty that i was using to store various items.K Ration crate with its cardboard liner dated August1944
  10. Thanks Jose,the Jeep was the start of it for me,thirty years ago now ..The convoy was a run across Salisbury Plain in the U.K. on Ministry of Defence land,it was very dusty!..517th
  11. My Re-enacting days...Great memories..517th
  12. Its been a while since i have posted anything on here,taken a few steps back from the hobby over the last few years.. So finally got the Jeep back on the road,it's been a while. Still got some minor things to sort out but its good to drive it around again...
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