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  1. I assume this pocket patch would fit into this thread. It was given to me by an early member of the 199th LIB from 66-67. The story about the patch was that it was passed around to those personnel who burned the waste on latrine duty for the first time.
  2. Very nice. Seems like I have seen that image of the sniper and his M14 before. I wonder what the significance is of the IFF patch with the 9th ID? Maybe he was up north with them prior?
  3. I was given this grouping by the family recently. This young man was OCS and then Special Forces qualified before serving in Vietnam with Echo Company Recon, 4-21st Infantry, 11th Infantry Brigade. He was KIA on 11 June 69 when their Huey was hit by an RPG going into an LZ.
  4. On a jungle jacket I owned a while ago. Attributed to the Echo Company Recon platoon, 2-3rd Infantry, 199th LIB, 69-70. Sp4 Cornish was with a line unit before he transferred over to the Recon Platoon. The platoon CP also had the skull and "Death Before Dishonor" above the door. I have a picture of that too. However, I have to find it...
  5. Good morning all, I was recenlty given two 3.5" audio reels that consist of interviews (audio) of soldiers then serving in Vietnam. The interviews were conducted by personnel from IIFFV's Public Information Office. Does anyone on the forum have the ability to transfer this audio digitally? I did find a place that does this locally, but their rates are pretty expensive to do so. Thanks!
  6. "Mean Streets" movie, 1973. CIB, SS, BSM, PH, Good Conduct Medal, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign. I also looked at his Class A jacket as well in the following scenes. Two hash marks for overseas duty were present on his right sleeve with a combat patch for a unit that I couldn't quite make out on the right shoulder. I am going out on a hunch here, but I'd say that someone who worked on that film served with the 199th LIB in Vietnam and put the Redcatcher patch on there for exposure. For one, it's a bit off center with the Corporal rank as if it has been quickly tacked on and two, t
  7. Welcome. My uncle had a lime-green '71 440 6-pack that he kept for 30 years. Put it in one of the Autotrader magazines and sold it within two hours of that week's listings going live...
  8. Many have seen these images but not quite in this particular capacity. This is really cool! For the most part, this group from of the Army of Tennessee seem to be relatively well dressed and supplied.
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