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  1. Bob You have what Frank calls a "3rd generation KA-BAR".......made after the handle spacers, long narrow guard, and thin peenned pommel were dropped. The blue finish is consistent with that seen on sub contracted blades made for Union Cutlery around that time. Greg
  2. in 1952 the usmc contracted for some dark od tents, made to army specs but stencilled "USMC". evidently there was a shortage of shelter halfs during the korean war. greg
  3. I picked up an OD green blanket a while back with black printed "US". I think the date on the spec label is 1958. greg
  4. here's a topic I started a while back http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...?showtopic=1975
  5. bill are there triple thin black spacers at the pommel? peened pommel? Greg
  6. the spacing and alignment of the letters. plus pre war USMC pistol belts made by R M CO were a mustard tan color.
  7. sorry to say the belt is legit.....former russian lendlease.....but the "USMC" stamp is bogus. It makes me sick to see how any of these are out there. greg
  8. Tim A sure thing Viet Nam war M7 was made by BUCHEIMER and dated. I own one that is marked "MRT 1964". Most of the others I've seen were post 1975. Greg
  9. it was originally made as a "universal" ammo pouch and intended for M14 and BAR magazines. The side staps were for attaching grenades greg
  10. it's the same pattern and color as regular production M1951's....but lighter weight and made of cotton HBT. Inside are inkstamped markings: a Marine ega and "QM 503 US" and the number "7" which I assume to be the size. greg
  11. mike.....the marine corps were pioneers in the development of cold weather uniforms and had a complete line of m-1951 items. they were the first to use nylon and I own a Korean war period field jacket made out of a nylon blend material. But during that first winter they were unprepared although they did have stocks of ww2 vintage alpaca lined parkas and alpaca lined vests. these two items were specific to the marines. greg
  12. I just dug mine out of storage.....found an Army one dated 1951, two USMC hats (1952 and 1953), and one that appears to be a pre production prototype with a large Marine ega stamped on the inside. greg
  13. definitely USMC Depot made......but missing the alpaca liner.
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