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  1. Im looking for the medals of Harry Buxton of G co 506 pir. Ww2... Purple heart and possibly his bronze star. Thanks
  2. That battalion tic represents 1st battalion by the way.
  3. If i had the money for it , i'd buy it! Feels and looks good on those pictures.
  4. It's not even close to a good original 506th... The spade , the liner , the chinstraps , the patina , the NCO bar....all wrong for an original one.
  5. Hi Dave , Thank you for your kind comments! The jeep is doing fairly well, rolling frame and in a few weeks the engine goes in...then its the tub and electrics and complete it. I'll do a picture update tomorrow for this topic. Thanks
  6. " There is a name in the sleeve but i can't read it so for now it's remains unnamed " Could you please explain that phrase ? Overall, verry cool jacket!
  7. 0922 is part of the ASN of the former user of the helmet ( shell ) , the number in the liner would have been from the last owner of the helmet.
  8. First thing that came to my mind was...not correct. Stencils are not WWII periodically done, its an artificially aged helmet i'm afraid.
  9. Don't like it either, judging on the last picture...the leather seems too thick. It kinda matches my repro chincup i got from j murray inc for my reenacting gear.
  10. And watch out with those products, they leave burn marks on your skin if you don't wipe it off.
  11. I like the Market Garden type of spade applied over the older and bigger spade, they occure on other 506 helmets i have seen.
  12. + you better have it moved to the helmets section where it will get more reviews from helmet guys.
  13. I like it somehow but its the first camo'd 506 helmet i see. Other than that, 2/506 markings and then promoted to HQ/506 ? Harsh task to judge it...
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