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  1. Agree, looks like a good one!
  2. Id say hard no not real. -same seller for both...tiger painted nearly the same and aged nearly the same on both. -sold as-is come on no one stumbles on two different styles of these. Also no bids...real ones are super rare and collectors wait their whole life for an opportunity to grab one. Just my two cents
  3. Welcome ! Also a big ranger collector. Very cool connection with your great grandfather.
  4. Rear- seam is the big give away. Also the diamond style looks like easy green (cant remeber sellers name exactly) , who is/was a common seller of repro painted pots on ebay.
  5. O, nice find . Great scroll.
  6. Love the 4th Bn patch, never seen one like that before.
  7. Any idea what the little T means on both sides? Great scroll.
  8. Jealous, amazing . A named Ike is def on the bucket list.
  9. RIP Ranger. RLTW! Thanks for sharing
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