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  1. Thank you for your suggestions.
  2. I just picked up this book published by the 894th Tank Battalion Association.Only 703 copies printed.Thisv photo is from the dealer Richard Williams at Warrelics.
  3. I would be interested in any good books written by or about ARVN Ranger Advisors.I would appreciate any advise as to what is available.Thank you in advance. Thanks,Al
  4. I am currently reading The Bridge at Dong Ha by John Miller. In would recommend this book. Thanks Al
  5. I purchased the the first three books and they are fantastic.The writing is good and the photos are priceless. I dealt with Jason Hardy on the phone and he is really a special person.I will be purchasing all of the forthcoming books in this set. Thanks,Al
  6. Thank You, You just saved me a few bucks,quite a few. Thanks,Al
  7. Has anyone ever purchased anything from Vietnam-Militaria.com and what was your experience? Thanks Al
  8. Longhorn Thank You I will buy them all. I loved all of Plasters books and these should be better. Thanks Al
  9. Longhorn The reason I ask is because my budget has about $400.00 a year for books and these books take a large chunk out of that. Thanks Al
  10. Longhorn Thank You. Are they seperate or connected? I just bought the first volume,do I need to buy all four or are they overlapping in their coverage. Thanks,Al
  11. How Many MACV SOG books by Jason Hardy have been published? This is supposed to be the second volume,but I have seen other volumes advertised? Thanks Al
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