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  1. Accord to chart mil-j-7823(AER). = 1951
  2. mes

    Remembering Bobgee

    Sorry to hear this stunning news not only for his family and friends but the collecting world has lost a very knowledgeable and passionate friend and fellow collector.
  3. Chris Great to see it again.I knew you would make a great caretaker of this fantastic group. Mark
  4. Amazing discovery on veterans Day. The finds of these submarines really are awesome reminder of cost of war helps keep the memory of crew alive. Rip brave sailors.
  5. Here is another group from local Joe Cummins 13th marines 5th Marine Division Kia Iwo jima
  6. Local naval aviator who enlisted pre flight school 2-23-43 and was commissioned an ensign assigned to USS Wasp cv -18 fighting squadron 81 He is credited with downing the squadrons first Zeke Feb 17 1945 during aerial combat in the vicinity of Tokyo Japan he went missing
  7. There is a photo in the book voices of the pacific that shows Roy Gerlach wering the tab. I dont know what the official policy was but you dont see many photos
  8. Bob Amazing how you were able to bring this historic group all together again. Well done. Mark
  9. . Thomas P. Arnett 66 Company 5th Reg 2nd Division born 11-17-1890 Kia June 6,1918 at Bellevue Wood buried at Aisne-Marne American cemetery
  10. Very sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wise and kind man. Mark
  11. McGovern, John J He served in the paramarines with HQ/1 and in the 28th Reg. 5th marines
  12. Nice photo Enlisted 1-19-42 2nd military police company 2nd marine division overseas in time for Guadalcanal, Tarawa,Saipan and Tinian. At some point get his service records to confirm the three battle stars
  13. . S1c Marvin Stock born 8-15-1924 Enlisted USN and volunteered for Submarine duty and was assigned to the USS Trigger. The Trigger was lost on March 28,1945 with all hands. Remembering Marvin Stocks sacrifice. Rip
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