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    Non-commercial research and acquisition of U.S. and Israeli military history; especially USAF/IAF/IDF and CSA war tactics, equipment, artifacts, memorabilia, or ephemera.

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  1. I have many times wished I'd been able to keep my USAF a/c mech clamshell tool box full...
  2. Glad she made it through... I took my youngest son on board her years ago, back when she was docked in the China Basin area. What stuck with me most of all was how compact she was... beam + bow > stern + draft etc.
  3. Johnny, I've by now forgotten for how long you have been creating those? Seems like quite awhile, beautiful work.
  4. 1963, Lackland BMT... my flight had some guys outfitted with gray fatigues and a truly mixed bag of colors or shapes even, a few blue USAF blankets and duffels among the army green kind, surplus M1 carbines for the range. Our caps, brogans and jackets were all the same though.
  5. Thank you... I had used it for years just fine, and then it went kaflooey on me too a few months back.
  6. And then... there's always the C-47 and B-52
  7. That method definitely works, like magic.
  8. From the VA newsletter this morning (5 Feb 20): "Combat Veteran Dustin Wood completed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Veterans Curation Program in 2019. Joining the paid five month employment and training initiative, says Wood, “is the best decision I have ever made.” Long Description Wood and his family were living in Milwaukee, Wisc., when he was accepted into the Veterans Curation Program (VCP). He made the difficult choice to temporarily separate from them to participate at the St. Louis, Mo., location. Through the VCP, Wood began the journey to receive professional growth and development assistance. That time included instruction for resume building and job searches while learning to process at-risk archaeological collections belonging to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The program also comes with a paycheck. A New MissionAfter successfully finishing the Veterans Curation Program, Wood started a new job with Na Aliʻi, a Nakupuna Foundation company. Amanda McGuire, Na Ali’i’s deputy project manager in Overland, Mo., is another Marine who has completed the Veterans Curation Program. Hiring other Veterans who are already processing historical artifacts with VCP is a win/win situation for Na Ali’i. Recognizing the potential in Wood and many others who went through the Veterans Curation Program, Na Ali’i employs several Veterans in their offices. Currently, one of Na Ali’i’s projects is processing Veteran records for the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. That work includes preserving and organizing files of deceased Veterans, mainly from the WWII and Korean War eras who are classified as KIA (killed in action), MIA (missing in action) or Prisoners of War (POW), is Wood’s new mission. “It hits a chord with me. You know, we lost guys when I was overseas and I can just imagine how the families of these people are over 50 years later, wondering what happened to their loved ones. The Veterans Curation Program gave me the skills to preserve, photograph and protect these precious items. Being able to digitize and catalog them for the Nation and their families through my job at Na Ali’i means so much to me.” -Dustin Wood, Na Ali’i Imaging Specialist II and combat Veteran Best Decision Ever Wood has now been with Na Ali’i for over six months, already earning a promotion and a special award. His family is reunited with him in St. Louis, the kids are loving their new schools, and his fiance found a new job with VA. It all started with an online search for “archaeology for Veterans,” leading Wood to new skills and a new career. Due to overwhelming response on the last blog, Assistant Lab Manager Kimberly Blanke said the Veterans Curation Program received more qualified applicants than ever before. The Veterans Curation Program is now hiringThe VCP has four flagship lab locations that are currently hiring (in addition to three additional satellite labs that can be found here): Alexandria, Va. Augusta, Ga. St. Louis, Mo. San Francisco, Calif. Veterans can be considered for both part- and full-time employment. Overtime is not permitted and the period of employment by the program is expected to last up to five months. All federal holidays are paid in addition to up to one week of personal time off, which can be used for medical appointments or other purposes. Hiring is now open for the next training session that begins May 2020. For more on the Veterans Curation Program and to apply, visit: https://veteranscurationprogram.org/.
  9. "Price of Fame" by: Sylvia Jukes Morris A biography of Clare Booth Luce (1903 - 1987) who had been a member of the House of Representatives (R-CT) and Ambassador to Italy and Brazil, very active in American military affairs throughout the world and ferocious anti-communist most of her public life.
  10. Saw it on Monday with my 13 year-old son, my wife and mother-in-law. Glad we went. The early scenes of no-man's land craters and barbed were and the human aftermath of all the slop and vast destruction, the rural scenes, the immediacy of man-to-man combat, the utter chaos of a front... a lot to like about this film for students of warfare. I especially like it that the guy actually completed the mission he was sent into that brutal universe to accomplish... a story relived countless times in every war.
  11. "The Diversity Delusion" by: Heather Mac Donald Next up: "The War on Cops" by: Heather Mac Donald
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