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  1. This is a walking stick that belonged to my father, a China Marine. The stick is a figured wood, but nothing Marine Corps about it that can still be seen. Feel yes, but no longer seen. I remember a “hair” design glued to the wood--very fragile. I believe it had his name and other art work. Some of this can still be felt. Best wishes and Semper Fi, Jim
  2. A dynamite China Marine group, Dirk. Congratulations! Jim
  3. Dirk, Wonderful that the China Marines are remembered. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Nice thread, Dirk. If your Marine served at Marine Barracks, Guam before duty with the 4th, he would have had an issue sun helmet.
  5. A spiffy uniform, Dirk. Sharp creases, polished leather and shined brass--doing the Corps proud. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Wonderful photos--thanks for sharing. I wonder if the building in the background is the 16th Century Spanish Fort Porta Vaga, the US Naval Prison at Cavite? Best wishes, Jim
  7. Very well written and researched, Dirk. Your new cane much like the one my father had made and I now own. His didn't have the fancy silver work, but used what looks like long human hair glued to the wood to create the design. Anyway, Sinanthropus Pekinensis to you too. Semper Fi, Jim PS, My information had Pharmacist's Mate First Class Herman Davis as having something to do with the bones of that really, really old "Old China Hand."
  8. Very, very nice, Dirk--first time I've seen one of these beauties. I wrote a little bit about China Marine boxers, but not Pvt. Majewski. Marine hero Slug Marvin was a member of this group. If anyone is interested, here it is: http://www.usmcpresentarms.com/adsusmc_china_confrontations.html Again, a wonderful addition to your collection. Best wishes, Jim
  9. Hello Teufelhunde, Is Tim Klie's book the one that you mentioned about my dad's snippet Full Dress Blues --1904? If so, did the photo make it into the book? Best wishes, Jim
  10. Congratulations, that's a nice battle jacket. I think that there is a good chance your jacket was made by a Chinese tailor from a Marine Corps blanket. Here is a link to what I wrote about these North China Marine jackets: http://www.usmcpresentarms.com/adsusmc_hymn.html? Best wishes, Jim
  11. I thought I'd share a small group of mementos that belonged to my father Chad Shaw, USMC. Most if not all of these items would have been brought back from duty in China--both pre-war and post-war. The Soochow Creek medal isn't engraved with his name, nor is there a certificate. I'm not sure that all the mementos are Marine Corps, nor can I tell how old the rifle badge is but for sure before the Springfield '03. The copper box is hand-made but I don't know if Chinese manufactured or if he made it himself. Do hope you guys get a kick out of these old goodies. Semper Fi, Jim
  12. Bob, As far as I know, my Nye paragraph has only appeared in Gooch's Marines by Lou Giaffo and it is being used to sell a photographic book supplement on Horse Marines by Kemp Nye, USMC. The item for sale is here: http://www.abebooks.co.uk/book-search/author/nye-kemp/ I will think about your suggestion and do appreciate that you took the time to give me your thoughts. Jim PS, For those of you who haven't seen my web page, here it is: http://www.usmcpresentarms.com/adsusmc_horsemarines.html
  13. Thank you Dirk, Bob and Dick. I decided to delete my paragraph on Nye. I just wouldn’t be comfortable leaving it up even with a disclaimer. Jim
  14. Thank you, Dirk. That's good enough for me and will delete my Nye paragraph. Again, thank you ever so much for your help. Jim
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